REVIEW: Jenny Bede: The Musical

jenny bede - the musical

Jenny Bede is my kindred spirit.

Classically trained and lover of all things Musicals, pop and R’n’B, I think we’d make the best of friends. Throw in the fact she’s got a banging voice and the witty comedy to match, then I think I might propose.

She is pitching brand new Musicals to the legendary Cameron Mackintosh, who just happens to be in the room. Opening with a tune about playing ‘bit parts’ but having an impressive range way above that, she immediately sets the scene for a series of giggle a minute songs.

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I got a “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” kinda vibe

And by that, I mean a series of ridiculous, hilarious and actually really quite catchy songs. From a Hamilton inspired musical about her irritating friend “Becky”, an updated “Chess” portraying a digital love triangle and slagging off Andrew Lloyd Webber, any Musical Theatre fan will be in their element.

This ex-noughties-girl-band member, it’s true and she’s got proof, is a very talented singer songwriter. Even if you don’t ‘get’ Musicals you will still relate to her funny comparisons from mansplaining to confusing club nights.

Jenny should be playing to much bigger crowds than a dingy room of 10. She’s incredibly likeable and enthusiastic, even cracking a smile out of the tough Scot who’d been dragged in by his sister.

This is someone who can definitely translate to mainstream TV. I hope one day I see her on Live at the Apollo, so I can brag that I saw her before she was famous.

Jenny Bede is fresh talent with bounds of energy. Make her your next comedy act to see!


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