REVIEW: Now that’s what I call Brexit

now that's what i call brexit

Our politics system might be a mess but Now That’s What I Call Brexit is most certainly not.

It follows the last few years of Britain’s dreaded referendum and the, if you don’t laugh you’ll cry, aftermath. No real plot, more a speedy, dramatised, musical biography of our foolish politicians and their pesky plans.

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The impressions were impressive

David Cameron is laid back with such swagger – the jumper tied around his neck an ode to his Eton days. Boris is a real stand out of the show perfectly capturing our current prime minsters clownish, lighthearted nature and of course, bouncing blonde hair.

Gove is villain-ified (probably not a word) as the evil conductor behind our failed system, May hunches on stage in mild panic most of the time and Corbyn sits back taking no action. Sound about right?

Fancy a game of political bingo?

Not only can you spot the leaders, make it a full house and mark the most memorable headlines. Expect the infamous NHS bus sign, buzz word ‘project fear’ and meme gone viral fields of wheat. They skit the biggest flops in the funniest of ways.

Of course, you really do need to have a solid understanding of British politics to get the gags and howl at the grime. And if you don’t, this show could act as a fairly accurate depiction to get you started. All the parties are picked on so it’s pretty impartial too.

I’m glad they’re making light of a sour situation. I’ve found sarcasm can heal so many things… It’s a fantastic show, and with the inclusions of more memorable songs (and maybe a bus with fake advertising) it has potential to be an even bigger hit.

So unlike David Cameron, I hope Now That’s What I Call Brexit sticks around. It’s a top notch comedy of our comedic politics.



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