Hello, I’m Gina!

Culturebean is a place for the culturally curious. Expect travel guides, theatre reviews and find fun new experiences.

I’m Northern, cultured and, thanks to my dad, my name evolved to bean. Hence Culturebean. I am based in Manchester, usually found sporting a big grin and generally just a curious little bean. Definitely an active culture seeker and travel addict using this corner of the tinternet to share my adventures. My general ethos is to be kind and collect memories.

I want to inspire others to get cultured and simply try something new. There’s a whole world of exciting events, experiences and places out there. I want to find them, try them and tell you about them.

My blog is creative, cheeky and fun. My posts are light touch, breezy and accessible. My writing is easy to read, simple to understand and has just the right amount of information. I don’t do high brow and I hate really long posts. But most importantly, I am honest. No fibbing over here.

And the orgin?

Culturebean was born when I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Drama and Creative Writing. I wanted to log my cultural life, keep up my flare for writing and satisfy that opinionated part of me. Fast forward 9 years later, and I’m only getting stronger

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