REVIEW: Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster

Frankenstein - Photo-by-Lara-Cappelli

Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster is the mind blowing creation by Battersea Arts Centre Beatbox Academy. A decade old organisation that provides local young people with a place to socialise, relax and make music.

The kids are professional performers. Don’t expect amateur dramatics here. Their talent is off the charts. I found my jaw dropping, hands waving and mouth whooping at the display on stage.

Islander is another huge hit of The Edinburgh Fringe that breaks the mold of musicals.

Bringing the monster to life

Performed in chapters, this show rips up Mary Shelley’s original piece and transforms it into a modern retelling of real monsters. Exploring topical themes from body image to trolling and climate change, all ages can relate to the difficult, sometimes scary and often lonely world around us.

Original rap, slam poetry and first rate beat boxing skills are the tools used to share this creative masterpiece. How they can make such complex and layered sounds using only their voice I will never know. But it’s mighty powerful. The bass rattled my bones.

It’s electrifying

A bare stage with hanging light bulbs and a haze of smoke is all that is required. The rest of the atmosphere and tension is down to the performers. We moved from a haunting presence to a pumping rave and comedy sketch seamlessly. I’ve never been so invested or had so much fun.

The whole collective were incredible and have the talent and passion to go on to do amazing things. But I wanted to particularly mention Glitch who brought heaps of personality and beatbox champion ABH who utterly wowed. Well I better stop gushing and finish this review. To simply put it…

Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster is a world class production. I can’t wait to see what they do next.


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