3 reasons to see Mean Girls on Broadway

3 reasons to see mean girls on braodway

Happy Mean Girls day! It’s October 3rd as I write this, which is of course famous thanks to the moment in the film when the lead character, Cady, is asked what day it is by her crush. Along with, ‘on Wednesday’s we wear pink’, it’s basically a pop-culture tradition.

The film came out in 2004, whilst I was in my early teens so I was pretty much the perfect audience. High School drama was my everyday life. And it’s now a Musical! Premiering in October 2017, Mean Girls was the show I did not want to miss.

Having only just returned from the Big Apple, where I snuck in a few musicals to feed my Broadway appetite, and on this very important anniversary, it seemed apt to give 3 reasons to catch it:

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1. It’s written by Tina Fey.

That should be all I need to say, but if you don’t know she’s an American actress with a massive talent for comedy. She really gets the spirit of mean girls and has injected a lot more comedy into the stage show.

2. It’s the film you love.

It is undeniably a musical about the film. And by that, I mean there’s been little creative license. No massive plot or character changes. All of your favourite lines from the film like ‘Fetch’ and ‘too gay to function’ as well as the infamous Burn Book stay put. Phew!

3. The plastics are perfection.

Regina George (Renee Rap) nails the bitch face and her voice is OUT OF THIS WORLD. ‘World Burn’ gave me chills. Her fellow plastics are also outstanding. Particularly Karen (Kate Rockwell) who is expertly fake and vacant.

To be brutally honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the staging, which was mostly taken up by a gigantic digital screen that displayed pages from the burn book and helped with location changes. I also found most (not all – I do like’ Revenge Party’, ‘Apex Predator’ and ‘Stop’) of the pop songs kind of forgettable…

But even so, I massively enjoyed it. Did it change my life? No. But on a very superficial level, it gave me all the nostalgic feels I wanted.

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Are you a Mean Girls fanatic?



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