Slava Snow Show | Alhambra Bradford


I am a little late to the party, OK two months late but lets lock that tardiness into a box and focus on the wonder that is the Slava Snow Show.

This is an unforgettable experience, I won’t call it a show as you do not sit back and simply watch actors on stage, you physically and emotionally experience this event.


This shows involves clowns but not your typical “intense stare, psychopath smile, knife holding” ones. These clowns are endearing, warming and without a doubt hilarious. You follow two different styles of clowns who are trained to perfection. It is amazing how a small movement of a body part could decide whether you laugh hysterically or indeed sigh with sympathy.

You are taken on a magical journey. A journey that ultimately makes no sense. If you want a gritty drama involving characters with motives, then leave the venue immediately. However, if you want two hours of wonder that erases work and family problems for a while, then this is your lucky day.

For Adults Too

Adults suddenly revert into 5 year old children, indeed I was giggling as much as the toddler behind me! Where else can you watch a boat sailing through clouds, play with 10 foot inflatable balls and feel snowstorms inside a theatre! I feel sorry for any adult who wouldn’t enjoy this event, as you would be missing a very innocent part of your soul. (harsh but true)

Magical, beautiful and honestly unforgettable.

I hope it returns this winter, where I plan on buying front row seats.


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