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Hey kitty girls. Two of my favourite queens are in town with a skit of the cult classic film, Death becomes her, and I was gagging to see it.

What’s this Yvie odd ball movie?

It’s a black comedy starring a youthful Meryl Streep, Goldie Horn and Bruce Willis. A novelist has her man taken away from her thanks to a drop dead gorgeous movie star. Well not so drop dead just yet, as they both take a potion to stay young and live forever. Little do they know it’s more a zombie curse as they start to rot like corpses.

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Drag Becomes Her

Which queens are in town?

Only the top two drama queens to ever step foot on the Drag Race stage! The leading roles are taken by season five champion and my all time favourite winner, Jinkx Monsoon, and Miss Congeniality slash most memorable All Star ever, BenDeLeCreme.

Alongside the Ru Paul graduates are entertainer extraordinaire Peaches Christ, composer and master performer Major Scales as well as a more local face with Donna Trump.

drag becomes her

Here’s the T on this drag parody

Drag becomes her is a 90 minute comedy that closely follows the key moments in the original movie. It’s not a sketch show, it’s a dramatic reenactment with a drag twist and tuck.

Of course creative licence is given to the script as the drag jokes come in thick and fast. There are countless nods to past queens that will have any Ru Paul fan and herstorian lolling. The shade is real and I was living for it.

As expected with any good drag show

Song, dance and lipsync numbers are peppered throughout. BenDeLeCreme showcased even more skill as the lyricist. Her performance of Taylor Swift’s, Look What You Made Me Do, was my favourite of the night.

Jinkx is the ultimate talent as she has the funny, the physical comedy and the voice. Both queens are true professionals and brought a real energy to the stage. Peaches and Major Scales also proved they have just as much experience and performing know how.

The cast often found themselves corpsing, relevant, as well as adlibbing, required. But that brought the biggest laughs. Audiences love off the cuff and drag is known for being reactive.

So the real T? This show is a diamond in the ruff. It’s not perfection. It’s not polished. But it’s funny AF and gifted with some of the most talented queens out there.

It’s playing at HOME in Manchester until Saturday 11 May before heading to London. Get tickets here.

Any other drag race fans out there? Let me know in the comments.


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