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I actually won tickets to see this play in a Twitter competition! So firstly, thank you to Victoria Theatre, Halifax for picking me.

Pleasantries over, lets get on to a quick review of Teechers by John Godber.

Firstly, yes it is called ‘Teechers’ with a double ‘e’. My spelling and grammar might not be perfect but that is definitely a word I’ve used enough to spell correctly.

Carrying on…

John Godber is a Yorkshire playwright. Big up to the North! He has written many masterpieces, one of the most famous is probably ‘Bouncers’. A play that looks at contemporary and realistic issues. And ‘Teechers’ is no different.

An Impact

This play really brought home how much teachers can impact, whether negatively or positively, on their students lives, especially in deprived schools. Coming from such a background myself, it hit the first emotional note but, carrying on…

Basically, three school children use the medium of drama to describe their final year of high school, particularly their relationship with their new drama teacher who believes in treating all children equally and igniting passion in learning. Again, as my job is as a member of a learning team, this hit the second emotional note….

And why not a hat trick as I also related to the students endearing and mostly childish friendships. High school is a jungle. A pretty terrifying one. Anything can go wrong, and to be honest it probably will but you have to fight through it (not physically, unless you come from a particularly rough school) But you WILL come out the other end. Maybe not in the best shape but alive never the less. It’s the next steps in life that I think start to define you. Woah, sorry about that life rant!!

Anyway, a quick note on the actors themselves. There are only three. They play about five million parts each which is impressive. They all seamlessly melted into every character and it really showed the scope of their abilities as performers. From a sensible teacher, grumpy caretaker to mouthy teenager and many many more.

A fun show to watch, which everyone can relate to whether that’s a character, some of the teachers or even the surroundings; those grubby lockers, drowning parka jackets or the 80s soundtrack to the show.

A nice nostalgic night out with strong performances from young upcoming actors.


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