Cabaret (UK Tour) | Alhambra Bradford


Cabaret the UK Tour jazz danced its political booty straight into the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford last September. I was lucky enough to park my rear in time for the show.

It is important to know the story is set in 1931, Berlin as the Nazis are rising to power. This political plot is the subconscious heart beat that drives the show. Anyone with a basic knowledge of history would guess it is what inevitably darkens the plot.

The forefront of the story follows the life of ditzy performer Sally Bowles and American writer Cliff Bradshaw, who have a raunchy and rocky path ahead.


Siobhan Dillon portrays Sally as a youthful, excitable and slightly annoying performer searching for stardom. The characters self centered nature and fast paced dialogue initially irritated me. But I think she brought much needed energy to what is a fairly dull story line. Her naivety and optimism enabled the audience a fresh angle at such a difficult part of history.

The Master of Ceremonies and compare of the show, Emcee, was played by Pop Idol winner Will Young. His voice was, as expected, technically the best, but his superb acting skills is what surprised me. Emcee is an odd, twisted and schizophrenic character. One I imagine is a very difficult part to play. He also brings most of the shows humour, specifically look out for the bed scene. Comedy gold.

The bright lights and fosse dancing brought the story to life, It helped to narrate the frivolous beginnings and inevitable demise of life in Germany.


Cabaret is a deliciously daring and dirty show full of oddity. The story is fairly basic, but the music, characters and choreography are exceptional.

Be warned, it is not your typical musical and you are purposely left with an aching void.

Go on, test the dangerous theatrical waters.


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