Top things to do in San Francisco – 7 weird and wonderful Sights

weird and wonderful san francisco

In an attempt not to be a complete superficial tourist, I have found seven weird and wonderful things I want to get up to in San Francisco!

Because I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet… but I am going on a California road trip. In two weeks, for two weeks. I can’t believe it either, but it’s happening and I am already overwhelmed with planning. I’m frankly terrified to drive abroad, but enough of that!

The first and largest part of our trip is in San Francisco. Voted the best city in the US and 28th in the World, it is well-known for cultural diversity. It has over 400 theatre/dance companies in the Bay area and 19 galleries just in their airport. It’s pretty cool. But I would say that as a culture fiend.

So here are the seven weird and wonderful sights I want my cultural eyes to spy.

1. Musée Mécanique

The world’s largest collection of coin operated machines from musical instruments to arcade games. Their website looks like something out of a nightmare but as a Museum enthusiast I will just have to brave  it. I think it’ll surprise me. Or scare me. We’ll see.

2. The Wave Organ

This is an ingenious acoustic sculpture on the jetty. An installation of marble and granite with 25 pipe organs using the impact from the waves to create music. It’s basically a giant piano played by water and if that isn’t enough reason to visit, I don’t know what is.

3. Peep hole Cinema

It’s a miniature cinema on the streets of San Francisco. We need to find the dime size peep-hole to view the tiny films. Here’s hoping we don’t peer through the wrong hole and catch a glimpse of something entirely inappropriate.

4. California Academy of Science Night Life

I produce these types of events in the UK and will jump at the chance to taste them in the US. Basically loads of adults turn into big kids and take over a museum. It’ll be a great way to explore the Academy of Science outside of usual opening hours and try some cool activities.

5. Secret Steps

San Francisco is pretty hilly. But to make the steep journey more enjoyable apparently there are lots of secret steps hidden around the city. They rise high to the tops where I can catch stunning views. Just look how pretty the one pictured is!

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6. Castro Theatre – La la land Sing Along

Castro Theatre is a large movie Palace that started life screening silent movies in 1922. It’s still in operation today and has a more hipster schedule. Whilst I’m visiting they are only showing a La La Land sing along. I’m in America. Next to LA. I have to take part right?!

7. Mission Murals

Whilst I’m wondering the streets of San Francisco I’m hoping to catch some outdoor art in the form of vibrant, often political, murals. They’re created by the locals and reflect a multi cultural and multi generational society. A glimpse into the community culture I just have to take.

So there you have it. Hopefully I can visit some of these seven! Have you ever been? Do you recommend anywhere I should visit?

I will obviously still visit Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars, Alcatraz and do be aware, all of my social feeds will be California heavy for a while on my return 🙂

Seven awesome things to see in San Francisco

Image Credits: SensuousSF, The Bubbly Bay, Culture Trip, CAoS, Pinterest, Flickr Purva_D, CurbedSF


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