California Road Trip – Two week guide

california road trip guide

I have been on an incredible California Road Trip. I packed my bags and took an unforgettable trip around the west coast.

I enjoyed a lot of culture and a dreamy amount of sun, sea and sand. I didn’t want to go MIA on you all, so instead I posted three images a day on Instagram. To save you the hassle of scrolling through my whole feed, I’ve compiled it into this post. I hope you enjoy a day by day micro blog of my ultimate two-week California road trip!

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Day One – San Francisco

california road trip - day1
  1. We popped along to a pretty famous landmark in San Francisco! These gorgeous painted ladies stand proud on the hill-top. We’re loving our trip already and it’s only day one.
  2. This is a huge map of San Francisco. It really shows just how much is crammed into the city!
  3. We trekked to the other side of San Francisco to enjoy a slightly more hidden treasure, the beach! It’s so far out there isn’t many tourists, which made it even more wonderful. And just look at that weather! I am sun burnt but it was so worth it!


california road trip - day2
  1. The TransAmerican Pyramid stuck out like my sun burnt nose in the San Francisco skyline! It definitely lives up to its name. There is so much differing architecture in this city!
  2. Today we went full tourist and headed down to Fisherman’s Wharf and pier 39. It’s super cheesy but such fun! In this stunning sunshine we just had to head to the bay and soak up the rays. We found this mural on the walk. We hope to see one of these in Monterrey next week.
  3. I went nautical for today’s trip to San Francisco Bay. Blue and white stripes with a pop of red that screams ahoy sailor!


california road trip - day3
  1. It’s official. The best views of San Francisco definitely come from Coit Tower! It’s a huge column sat high on a hill that provides 360 views of the city by the bay!
  2. We visited Lombard, a very famous street! It’s a very crooked road that wiggles down a small section of hill.
  3. Here are two sights in one. You can just see the impressive Coit Tower peeking over the hedges. And the hedges just obscure the secret Filbert steps. There’s loads of hidden stairways dotted around San Francisco to hunt down!


california road trip - day4
  1. You can’t take a trip to San Francisco without heading over to the most famous prison in the world, Alcatraz! We booked a month in advance as it’s so popular. The audio tour through the cell blocks was by far the best bit! Totally made the experience memorable.
  2. Today’s outfit involved denim dungarees and obviously stripes for my trip to Alcatraz Prison! I’m sure I was mistaken for a convict at one point… the stripes are very criminal looking.


california road trip - day5
  1. Pretty high up on my list of things to see was the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco! This grand building housed the world fair in the 1900s. It looks pretty out-of-place in the city but is by far the prettiest sight there is to see! A breath-taking building.
  2. You can’t come to San Francisco and not make time to see the Golden Gate bridge! It’s the most famous bridge in the world and the most popular sight in this city. It took us hours to trek over there and across it but it was worth the exhaustion!
  3. Today’s outfit is pictured at the wave organ, an installation on the bay that uses water to make music. It was the hottest day of our trip so I wore a thin white oversized shirt with a popping yellow skirt. I even bared my legs, just ignore the knee brace!

Day Six – Mariposa

california road trip - day6
  1. Today we found ourselves in the middle of a massive march across San Francisco for World Earth Day. Many of the signs opposed Trump and created a sea of hatred towards their current president. It’s powerful to see so many like-minded people gather with such passion. Especially for a topic as important as global warming. We only have one earth. Let’s treat her right.
  2. Our final breakfast in San Francisco was at Blue Bottle Coffee. It’s ranked as the number one place to get coffee in SF. I can happily tell you it was THE best coffee I have ever tasted and THE best breakfast we had.
  3. I sported a super comfy outfit with cord dungarees and an oversized shirt for my long drive today! We’ve driven to a tiny little place just outside Yosemite for the night. It’s almost like going back in time to a vintage American town. We love how kitsch and cute it is!!

Day Seven – Yosemite

california road trip - day7
  1. Today we adventured to Yosemite National Park. It’s a giant reserve only a few hours drive from San Francisco. I can honestly say it’s the most beautiful place I have ever been. Ever.
  2. Yosemite National Park was simply stunning. I can quite honestly say it took my breath away. We hiked to some waterfalls, which were gigantic and so powerful. The mammoth mountains surrounding us stood strong and the wild life roamed free.
  3. Today I went for comfort in dungarees matched with a long-sleeved brown top. The colour was obviously inspired by the natural setting. We walked quite a few miles and hiked many steep hills but thankfully my skechers kept my feet happy and clothing kept me warm.

Day Eight – Los Angeles

day 8
  1. Today’s outfit was smart casual as we caught a live recording of The Late Late Show with James Corden! My favourite actor from Designated Survivor was a guest too! I’m in The Grove here, which was very upmarket and just down the road from CBS Studios!
  2. We explored the streets of Beverly Hills today! They were lined with posh houses, gigantic palm trees and a stunning sunset. This is exactly how I pictured LA.

Day Nine – Los Angeles

day 9
  1. The Warner Brothers Studio tour was unforgettable and definitely one of the best things to do in LA! This tower is so iconic! I just want to work here. Pretty please.
  2. If you don’t already know, I fell in love with La La Land and today I only went on the bluddy set didn’t I!? Look, it’s the cafe where she works. It is being taken down very very soon, so I was lucky enough to see it.
  3. Today we watched the sunset at Griffith Observatory. It was stunning and topped off our amazing day perfectly. For the best view of LA, head up here! Especially to see the Hollywood sign. There’s a great Museum and planetarium inside too.
  4. Today I rocked a coulotte jumpsuit, which I bought last summer. It was the perfect outfit in the 30 degree heat as the material is really thin and light. I also love my new white and silver Primark pumps!

Day Ten – Pacific Coast

  1. We stopped off at Venice Beach for a stroll along the pier. There were surfers in the sea and seagulls in the air. It’s a quirky area of LA with so much colour and energy! We even had a cheeky peek at Muscle Beach!
  2. Shorts and stripes are a must at the beach right? I loved the graffiti in Santa Monica. It was everywhere and showed some real skill!
  3. I’m so proud of myself for driving across California! Today I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway, which had some incredible scenery! We stopped off at the road side to check out the beach and mountains. Such a memorable moment. As you can see I’m pleased as punch.

Day Eleven – Pacific Coast

  1. Today we stopped off at Avila Beach after a recommendation from a guy we met in one of San Luis Obispo coffee shops! It’s a cute little spot and completely unplanned for us! We loved the detour and spent a good hour exploring.
  2. Threw on my comfy denim dungaree dress and spotted crop top for today’s journey up the California Coast. I am literally in love with denim and dungarees right now.
  3. We pulled off the highway for an adventure around Morro Bay. This little seaside town had beautiful views with lots of cute wild otters in the bay!? We even went into a small skateboard museum with the second biggest skate board (it’s huge). We loved this random stop on the way up the coast!

Day Twelve – Monteray

day 12
  1. We adventured to Point Lobos Reserve just outside Monteray to find seals. And boy did we find them! You can see dozens basking in the sun with lots of seal pups. It’s incredible to see animals in the wild safely protected by reserves like this.
  2. Our last trip was Monteray Bay Whale watching. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It is probably the most incredible experience of my life. We saw ten gigantic humpback whales, one of which gave a real show slapping its tail. Then a huge humpback breached the water right in front of us. It launched out of the sea and made the biggest splash! My fella got the lucky shot on camera (obvs not this one) whilst I just jumped and screamed with excitement. It’s apparently the best jump they’ve seen in over a year.
  3. Today I went back to my dungarees to keep warm and covered for my trek and whale watching trip! They’re so comfy and relaxed! I could live in this outfit.

Day Thirteen – Santa Cruz

 day 13
  1. The last stop of our American Road trip was to Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz. It’s one of the best places to surf and dozens were riding the waves. We got talking to a guy who said today had the perfect conditions, hot with a little wind. What a great way to end our trip, watching the surfers go by.

So there you have it – a day by day account of my two week road trip in California. Where would you like to stop off if you had the chance?

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california road trip guide


  1. May 13, 2017 / 2:41 PM

    I loved this post and how you described everything with an Instagram photo and caption – your trip sounds incredible! My partner and I are hoping to go to California on our honeymoon in 2019, so this is very useful for knowing some great spots to visit!

    Lottie x

    • Gina
      May 13, 2017 / 6:16 PM

      Hi Lottie, thank you for commenting! I’m glad you found my insta micro blog useful. It seemed the easiest way to share my awesome adventure. There are definitely some great spots in their. I’ll have loads more blog and vlogs out soon so keep an eye out. Let me know if you have any questions about California. It’s an incredible place x

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