Things to do in Los Angeles – 5 Weird and Wonderful Sights

weird and wonderful LA - things to do in los angeles

I’ve hunted down five not-so-touristy sights to see and things to do in Los Angeles to avoid being completely superficial when I’m there.

Because if I’ve not mentioned it, I’m going to actual La La Land. I visit the second week of my road trip to California. It’s a cultural mecca and surely considered entertainment capital of the world? It has more museums and theatres than any other city in the US, a 75 mile long coastline with some very famous beaches and a climate we should all be jealous of.

Make sure you check out these weird and wonderful things to do in San Francisco.

So here are the five weird and wonderful things I want to do when I’m there.

lastbookstore - things to do in los angeles

1. The Last Bookstore

They began in a loft in 2005 but have grown two-fold since then, now being LA’s biggest new and used bookstore. They boost a tunnel of books and upstairs labyrinth of secret passage ways. Oh it’s also housed in an abandoned bank. A very hipster bookshop crying out to be instagrammed.

old zoo

2. Abandoned Zoo

The title alone is enough to warrant a visit here! It is LA’s abandoned zoo hidden in the depths of Griffith Park. Cages and enclosures from 1912 are still intact but brought into the 21st century with colourful graffiti. I just have to take a walk on the wild side and brave a look at this.

Museum of Death - things to do in los angeles

3. Museum of Death

A macabre subject combined with one of my favourite things to visit, museums. It has the largest collection of serial killer artwork as well as gruesome photos of crime scenes and replicas of execution devices. I love reading thrillers, but I’m not sure how I’ll stomach real life imagery…


4. Watts Towers

Starting in 1912, and taking 34 years, one man built these incredible structures with little to no equipment. The tallest tower is 99.5 feet high and contains the longest concrete column in the world. They’re adorned with mosaic pieces of glass and shells producing a stunning piece of art.


5. The Chandelier Tree

This is a simple artist installation set in a charming street outside the hustle and bustle of central LA. It is such a romantic find with over 30 chandeliers dangling from the branches of a cypher tree. A real quirky bit of LA I would like to enjoy.

I really hope I can make time to visit a couple of these places amongst the obvious other trips I’ll do. Have you ever been to LA? Do you have any recommendations?

Image Credits: Qantas, Lastbookstore, LATimes, TravelandLeisure, Wattstowers


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