REVIEW: Vulvarine – A New Musical

Vulvarine musical

Fat Rascal Theatre, the makers of one of my favourite shows this Fringe, Unfortunate, return with their musical, Vulvarine. And even though it has received a lot of acclaim, I was slightly disappointed. Maybe because my bar was set too high after Unfortunate?

Don’t get me wrong, it is a really funny show. They are clearly expert comedy writers and performers, but the songs are boring. I didn’t tap my feet or clap along once. They kind of merged into one and, at times, sounded a little screechy.

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But I loved the super story

In High Wycombe nothing really happens – every day is a slow news day. And Bryony Buckle is as mundane as they come. Her life involves inspecting accounts, fighting off social anxiety, suffering from IBS and feeding her (Northern) cat.

Until one day, she notices Tampon tax is being siphoned into something called the Female Future Funds. But what is that? And to add to the strangeness, women are going missing. Before she really has the chance to consider this, her doctors check up takes an odd turn.

A random injection and freak lighting strike does something very far fetched, and turns her into a superhero. With her new found powers, she decides to help womankind from inconsiderate and ignorant males. And generally, just help her fellow sex enjoy a better quality of life.

Until a villain appears to destroy the world, sorry not world, destroy women, just women, with a giant laser thing. The Mansplainer must be taken down and Vulvarine is the vulva to do it. The plot is funny and silly and sarcastic – I was properly invested.

The show has lots of pace and energy but I just wish the music was better as the quality performances and comic storyline are winners.

We should all unite and support this new superhero but Vulvarine the Musical is kind of average.



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