REVIEW: Cruel Intentions – The 90s musical


Cruel Intentions, the ugly film all about angsty American teenagers has been transformed into a Musical. This jukebox style show is full of 90s songs you no doubt sing in the shower, from Britney to *NSYNC and Natalie Imbruglia.

Essentially, these entitled teens are off for the summer and step siblings Sebastian and Kathryn want to make it a little more interesting. And by interesting, I mean down right mean. The intention is the ruin the lives of the people around them by making a simple bet. Love, sex and arguments ensue.

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It was missing something

The audience lapped up this step back in time but I just could not get on board. I found it frustrating that the songs didn’t always match the plot. A lot of the tunes had no strong relevance to the scene? The only one that hit the nail on the head was ‘I saw the sign’. Very very funny.

And the whole pacing was slow. I know villains are sultry and calm, but I wanted more excitement. It was all a bit low key. However, I did enjoy the staging. The characters roamed around the isles and lurked by the columns ready to pounce on stage. It was very fitting for this dark comedy.

The cast make this

Rebecca Gilhooley as Kathryn is the star of this show. She is pure evil, vacant and dangerous. It was thrilling to watch her nail the psychopath sister. Dominic Anderson as Sebastian is measured and menacing, making a great partner in crime.

Evelyn Hoskins is another one to watch as the innocent and awkward Cecile. She brings most of the comedy and has a powerful set of lungs. “I’ll make love to you” will have you in stitches. All of the cast have pretty incredible voices. It’s just a shame they are wasted on a weak remake.

Cruel Intentions misses the mark but has some wowing performances. If you want a trip down memory lane after a night on the town, then you’ll likely have fun.


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