REVIEW: Scream Phone the Musical

Scream Phone

Female led theatre company, Swipe Right, has knocked it out of the park with Scream Phone. This comedy spoof musical combines scream, dream phone and some banging 80s tunes. I had the time of my life, which doesn’t actually make the song list but you get my drift.

Three stereotypical teenage girls are having a sleepover just like the ones boys make up in their heads. Don’t ask which head… But of course, it’s a dark and stormy night where we learn a patient has escaped from a nearby mental institution.

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But have no fear, dream phone is here.

If you don’t know what dream phone is then we can’t be friends. It’s the legendary big, pink mobile phone that gives you clues as to who has a crush on you. And this is the basis of the show, as a creepy voice leads them on a guessing game. Until shit hits the fan and the secret admirer is killed. But who is the murderer?

Ham it up ladies

Natasha Granger plays an excellent brutal blonde bestie and fellow co-founder Kerrie Thomason is the pure caricature of a sex obsessed airhead. Alexandra Lewis also nails the geeky, just wants to fit in, token friend. All actresses aren’t afraid to look like fools and expertly ham their characters up to the max.

The songs are well chosen and truly add to the comedy. Switching up the lyrics to the likes of ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ and ‘Like a virgin’ brings home many of the laughs. ‘One moment in time’ in particular is a ballad performed with power and grit by Alexandra. Their three part harmonies are quite stunning too.

Scream Phone is spoof perfection. Anyone looking for a proper fun and silly night out has to see this show!



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