REVIEW: Friendsical: A Parody Musical About Friends

friendsical musical

Friendsical, the show with so much promise. I’m a Friends fan so a musical about the gang from New York… could I BE anymore excited?

And on first look, I remained enthusiastic as the set is pretty impressive. References ranging from the Central Perk orange sofa to the purple paint in Monica’s apartment and reclining chairs from Joey’s all decorated the stage. It was clearly a more expensive Fringe production than I was used to.

The best parody of the Fringe was Thrones! A Game of Thrones comedy. You might also laugh out loud at Fat Friends the Musical.

But I’ve seen enough of the TV show to realise that this is not a parody. And it annoys me to write that as I wanted to absolutely freakin’ love this show.

We followed the story of Ross and Rachel’s rocky relationship through the eyes of a musical that the cast are staging. Confused? I was too. The actors regularly broke the fourth wall and referenced where they were in the timeline. Probably because it zig zagged all over the place.

And the problem is, they literally relived all the key moments in the series. 10 years in 90 minutes (it was pretty intense). There’s no originality in the story. It’s not in the style of so it’s not really a parody.


Friendsical is a fantastic recreation of the TV moments fans will know and love. An ode to if you like. Ross’s failed make over, Rachel’s bouncy hair, Janice’s irritating laugh, the naked guy… I could go on for days. It’s hard not to giggle at the jokes you know and love.

The cast did a great job of embodying the characters too. Chandler (Thomas Mitchells) and Monica (Sarah Goggin) in particular captured the look, mannerisms and sound of their muses perfectly. I could have mistaken them for the real thing! They were my favourite in the TV series, so thanks for doing them justice.

Friendsical really is a fan musical. For what it lacks in substance it makes up for in comedy and quality of performance. But it probably needs a good re write (and shortening) to make this anything more than a forgettable rehash.

Friendsical Tour Dates:

  • DERRY Millennium Forum, 28 – 31 August 2019                                                  
  • NEWCASTLE Northern Stage, 3 – 7 September 2019                                  
  • KINGSTON Rose Theatre, 9 – 14 September 2019        
  • MALVERN Festival Theatre, 16 – 21 September 2019      
  • BLACKPOOL Grand Theatre, 23 – 28 September 2019
  • WORTHING Pavilion Theatre, 1 – 5 October 2019                                   
  • CHELMSFORD Civic Theatre, 14 – 19 October 2019                               
  • SOUTHAMPTON Nuffield Theatre, 21 – 26 October 2019                         
  • CROYDON Ashcroft Playhouse, 28 October – 2 November 2019

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