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I had never seen ANY Monty Python before. I’ve heard a few Spamalot tunes as an avid musical theatre fan, but no actual clips starring the orginal actors. So, this is a short review from a Monty Novice.


I was excited that I recognised one actor! FYI, it was Basil Faulty.


OK, so it was very odd. Lots of random sketches and animations that I can only describe as surreal. But, I’ve got to admit I found a lot of them funny. They touch on the basic humour in life. The silly humour. The immaturity that never really leaves us, even though it sometimes seems dormant in adult life.


The comedy writing wasn’t far from genius.

Number 252

Some favourites:

The ‘you don’t know how good you had it’ sketch.

The dead parrot sketch.

The olympics sketch.

The argument sketch.

Song about genitals.


The show was big, bold and slightly camp. But the best thing was watching how much the actors still enjoyed performing after all these years. They lapped up the audience and cleverly ad-libbed when they messed up. This made it even the more funnier.

Blue Cheese.

Make up another number with ‘ly’ on the end – The friends I went with are massive monty fans and they were in hysterics. One was literally rolling in his seat. But he’s a bit weird anyway…


if you missed it, then your loss as it was the final performance (probably). Maybe catch it on DVD if they release one?

*In honour of Monty Python this review may have seemed a little weird…

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