Shrek the Musical | Why families should go

Shrek is a brilliant animation turned musical about an Ogre who sets off on a quest (with a talkative donkey) to save a feisty princess locked in a tower. Throw in a gang of fairytale misfits and a Lord with a small (haha) problem and you have a SHREKTASTIC show.

See my quick-fire question and answer review below:

Funniest Moment?

The fart and burp off between Shrek and Fiona.

Favourite character?

I really like Fiona because she is a strong woman with lots of opinions. She isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and learns to love the way she looks.

Best song?

It has to be ‘I’m a believer’. I had a dance and sing on my seat when they ended with this famous song.

The bit from the film version that WASN’T in the musical?

I love the Robin Hood forest fight, and that wasn’t in the show. But the musical can’t be exactly like the film because this was an ‘adaptation’, which basically means changing some things along the way.

The bit from the film version that WAS in the musical?

You have got to love the line, ‘Ogres are like onions.’ ‘They smell? They make people cry?’ ‘No, they have layers.’ I am glad they kept that in.

Which fairytale characters appear?

Lots from the film like the three little pigs, pinocchio, the gingerbread man and the three blind mice. Watch out for the tap dancing rats too!

Is there a dragon?

Yes! A massive dragon actually flies on stage and sings. It’s magical, and a little scary when it roars… but luckily it doesn’t actually breathe fire. Phew!

Best bit for your mum or dad?

Tell them to keep an eye out for Lord Farquaad. They will find him very entertaining.

How would I rate the show between 1-10?

11! Because there aren’t many family musicals out there and I think there should be more. I want to encourage more young people to visit the theatre, because it is an unforgettable experience. This show will get you laughing your head off as you watch fairytale characters come to life on stage.

*Scottish accent* ‘This is the part where you run away… and buy tickets’


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