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N.B. This is not an extract from the play. It is an original piece that I wrote. 


Date – May 1957
Location – KDAV Radio Station, Lubbock, Texas, USA
EXT. KDAV Building Front.

The radio station is a small brick building with two large white windows and an overhead shade coloured with red and white stripes. A large sign is placed above the shade saying ‘KDAV RADIO 1590AM’

You can hear a female three part harmony advert promoting a Maytag Wringer Washer.

INT. KDAV Studio
We enter a small dark studio, which houses a mixing desk, two chairs and an older balding man called Hipockets Duncan. He is lying back in his chair, opposite the mixing desk, flicking through some notes. He indicates to a worker with a gesture requesting coffee. 

As the track comes to an end, he pulls the microphone over to his mouth and presses a button on the mixer desk. The ‘on air’ sign lights up. 

Hipockets Duncan: (Spoken with a texan drawl)
Why, good morning you folks out there. That was the Maytag Wringer washer, the best power washer this side of Texas. And this is KDAV 1590am, waking you up with sounds of good ole’ country. But next up, a very dear friend of mine has just finished recording his first rock and roll album in Clovis, New Mexico. It’s no other than our very own home grown artist, Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Yes, Buddy, that awkward fella you see about town.

He presses a button on the mixer desk. We see a screen that says ‘Play track 103: That’ll be the day.’ The song begins to play. 

For the next two minutes we see different shots of Buddy in a recording studio with the crickets. They are laughing, jamming and sleeping in there. 
Montage ends

INT. KDAV Studio
Hipockets Duncan slowly fades the track using a dial on the desk and leaves it playing quietly. He presses a button and the ‘on air’ sign lights up. 

Hipockets Duncan: This is KDAV and that was Buddy Holly and the Crickets with a song that will no doubt get them to number one. He’s one hell of a guy and I wish them all a long and successful career…

He presses a button and the ‘on air’ sign turns off. The track still plays queitly. He pushes the microphone away and leans back on his chair, resting his feet on the desk. An assistant enters the studio with his coffee. He takes a sip, puts it down and begins flicking through his notes whilst tapping his feet to the fading music. 
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