How to get free tickets to The Late Late Show and top tips

Do you happen to be in Los Angeles anytime soon? Have you ever thought to catch The Late Late Show? That’s exactly what we did when we stopped off in La La Land and it was super easy to do. Let me talk you through the simple steps and give you some quick tips.

Free tickets to The Late Late Show

What is The Late Late Show with James Corden?

It’s a late night talk show overflowing with celebrity interviews, music performances, games and comedy skits. It is fun filled, lighthearted, variety entertainment. James Corden has been fronting the show since 2015 after hopping over the Atlantic to become an American star. He’s a British actor slash comedian, best known for Gavin and Stacey back in the UK.

Step by step guide to getting tickets

Here are the seven simple steps you need to follow to secure free tickets. Continue scrolling for very important top tips.

  1. Open the 1iota website.

    They are a TV ticketing company that offer free tickets to lots of shows. My link will take you directly to The Late Late Show.

  2. Scroll through the available dates.

    They usually only show around two weeks worth of options. They will either say sold out or open.

  3. Click the request tickets button.

    It is on the right hand side of the page and will take you to a new page.

  4. Choose the number of tickets.

    It can’t be more than four.

  5. Tell them why you love James Corden.

    Use the additional information box to explain why you would love to be in the audience.

  6. Click next and create an account.

    It’s free and easy.

  7. Review your information and wait for email confirmation.

    That’s it!

Free tickets to The Late Late Show

10 top tips

  • Add that you’re British (if you are) in the additional information box. They will get less UK applications so you will stand out more.
  • You will either be given a priority or general ticket. The sooner you sign up for a ticket, the more likely you will get priority.
  • Get there at least 45 minutes early. They oversell the tickets, like most TV recordings, so even with priority access, you need to queue.
  • Bring ID. That goes for everyone. You’re aren’t getting in without it.
  • Wear something nice. I’m almost certain they pick your seat based on this. There is a particular list of what not to wear on their website.
  • Bring some shade. I was roasting stood out in the baking hot California sunshine. Luckily they started handing out umbrellas.
  • Don’t panic if you have to wait for email confirmation. It can take a a while so it is a waiting game.
  • Come full of energy. They expect you to constantly smile and cheer throughout the whole sitting. It was exhausting.
  • Don’t bring any backpacks or bags. You are allowed a small purse but leave what you can in your hotel.
  • If you’re driving you can use the nearby Grove Parking. It’s only a short walk from the studio.

Being on a TV show

Being in the audience for the Late Late show was such a unique and memorable experience. It’s something we still talk to people about today. As entertainment geeks, it was a must do in LA. We enjoyed taking a peek behind the Hollywood scenes.

You might get lucky and see some really big celebrities on the sofa or be on the show yourself. James Corden always comes out to the audience to play games so raise your hand high if you’re up for it. He squeezed past our row and you could see us on TV. WE WERE ON TV. Very cool.

I hope you found this guide useful! Let me know if you’ve done anything like this before.

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How to get Free tickets to The Late Late Show

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