For All Seasons Leeds City Museum | A fun filled family exhibition

I popped along to the Bloggers Preview of For All Seasons. Leeds City Museum’s brand new family exhibition exploring, you guessed it, our seasons.

One of my favourite things about living in the UK is in fact our changing seasons. I always look forward to the falling leaves, cosy fires, bird songs and beach days. We experience beautiful scenic changes coupled with exciting seasonal events. It’s definitely a topic with mass appeal.

For All Seasons

The exhibition highlights how we mark, celebrate and respond to each season. Ruth Martin, Exhibition Curator, explained her joy at ‘shopping’ for items in the collection store. She’s chosen a pick and mix of objects that add intrigue and surprise around every corner.

I loved the antique barometer and Victorian bucket in Summer. The delicate farming ceramic mug in Autumn. Stunning 100-year-old Easter eggs in Spring and the rustic wooden sledge caught my eye in Winter. The objects are also local with stories from places like Shipley and Bradford making it relatable.

There are hands on exhibits too from hooking a duck to dressing as a frog and crawling through a sandcastle. Little ones and their grown ups will enjoy playing with the props. I definitely did, which led to some funny selfies.

The whole design is simple and spacious with room for children to explore. Statement features include the beautiful umbrella hang, autumnal indoor tree and giant playhouse sandcastle. They transform the space into something much more dynamic, colourful and creative.

The Verdict

For All Seasons is a playful exhibition packed with simple family fun. It isn’t there to challenge or lecture, it is there to treat. So add this exhibition to your next day out in Leeds. It’s free too so you have no excuse.

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For All Seasons runs from 10th February – 28th August



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