Visiting the Ice Cream Museum in London

You all know I love ice cream. Milkshakes in particular. One a day keeps Gina hap-pay. Well last summer, I heard about this brand new immersive exhibition in London, which explored the wonderful world of ice-cream.

I happened to be down south for work and decided to pop along before my train home and wow am I glad I did. It’s closed now but read on to hear what it was all about. I’m expecting this, or another summer special, to return this year!

visiting the ice cream museum in London

Before I entered the exhibition, there were comfortable seats to wait on, a quirky little shop and of course, an ice cream parlour to indulge in. I absolutely adored their map, which was in the style of a newspaper. It was a little tricky to carry around with it being so big but I didn’t care. The novelty won me over.

visiting the ice cream museum in London

A taste of the experience

The exhibition itself was quite small but very well put together. I wandered through seven separate zones, each unique and exciting. First stop was a shock to the system. A fridge. In the summer heat it was glorious to chill in an ice box and made for a really cool start to my journey.

visiting the ice cream museum in London

Next up was a more traditional approach to exhibitions with a series of old school objects. There was a lot of equipment and moulds displayed, which I quickly explored as I was too intrigued by the aroma filled corridor that came next. I was immediately transported to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but instead of licking a wall I was smelling it. So simple but so much fun.

visiting the ice cream museum in London

I was then thrown into a kitchen for a cooking lesson. I’m not joking. Our small group learnt about the very simple process of making ice cream and even tried it for ourselves. My new friend and I made a champagne and vanilla concoction that wasn’t so bad, if I do say so myself. It was an unexpected part of the experience and a proper treat.

visiting the ice cream museum in London

I then had chance to explore lots of colourful marketing material before making my way to the glow room. After being handed a pot of free ice cream, I entered the dark chamber and saw my food glow. Great insta moment.

visiting the ice cream museum in London

An exhibition for today

SCOOP The Wonder World of Ice Cream was exactly how an exhibition should be in the 21st century. Long gone are the days of dimly lit objects in cases with do not touch signs and 500 words panels of description. Meh!

We should be encouraged to touch, hear, taste and smell our way around an experience. I loved that I was allowed to be curious, childlike and creative. It makes for a much more memorable experience and one that I still rave about to my friends.

SCOOP was 1000% sensory and a sweet, sweet deal. I found it an absolute delight, surprise and pleasure. It’s closed now but I am so excited to see what they produce next.


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