5 best instagram worthy installations at Light Night Leeds 2019

Light Night Leeds is back on the 10 & 11 October and there are 5 installations that I think are totally instagram worthy!

If you don’t already know, Light Night Leeds is the biggest annual arts and light festival in the whole of the UK. Pretty impressive! Artists from all over the world help to transform the city by showcasing their illuminating works. It’s a true feast for the eyes, and this year the mind, body and spirit too, which is their celebratory theme for 2019.

Taking over indoor and outdoor spaces across the city, you can enjoy interactive installations, projections, music, dance and parades. It’s big, it’s busy and it’s beautiful. And I’m not ashamed to admit I attend for the instagram worthy pieces. I’m a true millennial. So here’s my top five insta ops:

1. With Love

light night leeds with love

A gigantic red heart has appeared outside Leeds Town Hall. I imagine this will be a tricky solo shot to get due to popularity but either way it’s bound to look dreamy. You can interact with it too and get a lasting musical memory from this love(ly) installation. As a couple, get your beats per minute measured and turned into a familiar love song. Read more here.

2. Wave Field

light night leeds wave field

A light up, musical seesaw at Victoria Gate. YES PLEASE. Tap into your inner child and pair up with a family member, friend or stranger to create wonderful harmonies together. The more visitors who take part, the richer the sound. I’m picturing lots of fun instagram shots/videos as well as a gorgeous aerial. Read more here.

3. Lightbattle X

light night leeds lightbattle x

I love a friendly battle. I’m pretty competitive. This bicycle challenge over on Briggate asks visitors to pedal as fast as they can in a bid to push their light the furthest. Laughs galore I think. Cool, action shots are a must. Read more here.

4. Voyage

light night leeds voyage

I’m always wowed by water based installations – the way lights bounce and move is mesmerising. This colourful light show decorates Leeds Dock with over 100 illuminated origami boats. You can even interact with the boats by connecting to the Voyage WIFI network and logging into voyage.com. Magical landscape photography will look stunning on any instagram page. Read more here.

5. Angels of Freedom

light night leeds angels of freedom

And last, but certainly not least, you HAVE to get that angelic wing shot. Five beautiful angels have descended on Victoria Gardens, each boasting their own unique colour changing wings. Prove you’re a true angel and gain your wings and halo by posing next to these heavenly beings.

So, who’s charging up their camera and cleaning off their mobile lenses ready to get their instagram worthy shots at this year’s Light Night Leeds?

Find out more about the event here

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Photo credit: Leeds Light Night website


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