Leodo: The Paradise | Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Pushing the boat out

This was our lets-go-crazy-and-buy-tickets-for-the-next-leaflet-we-get-oh-look-this-ones-about-some-Korean-dancing-wanna-try-that-why-not-it’s-the-fringe moment.

We had no idea what to expect. But the flyer looked colourful and the flyer(er?) was really enthusiastic so we headed on down to George Square. We were not disappointed.


It was a real treat getting to watch a show that was so culturally alien to us – was it accurate to Korean traditions? I haven’t the slightest but to an untrained eye it was spot on…  I was mesmerised by the simplicity of the waves of cloth and boat of twine then brought back to reality with the powerful drums.

Now, the drums. The drummers were the highlight. As my partner said, they have ‘mad-skills’. He’s 26 with the vocabulary of a 14 year old boy but really, I couldn’t think of a better word. Please watch out for the woman with the biggest drums who has a solo – she was a star and pulled my focus much of the time.

The singing and dancing swallowed me up into a cocoon of joy. That sentence sounds ridiculous but I really was swept away into this show. The energy. The talent. The costumes. The singing. The dancing. The drumming. The wonder. The beauty. I’m gushing like a 14 year old girl – maybe my partner and I are more a like than I think – but it’s hard to find a bad word to say.

Hidden Gem

I guess ‘the paradise’ idea was slightly lost on me but still, I would have loved to see this show on a bigger stage, with a bigger production and a bigger budget. I think it’d be a real spectacle. Leodo was the hidden gem in our Edinburgh Fringe crown.

We’d never have chosen the show if that kid with a flyer didn’t promote it. Three cheers and a jagerbomb to the unsung heroes of the Fringe. The moral of the story:

Don’t be rude to the flyer(ers?), they are people who have feelings too – very ‘in your face’ feelings but still, they may just pass on a flyer to what becomes your favourite show of the fringe. The end.

5-30 August. Assembly, George Square Studios (venue 17), 14:00
A regular show at the Virgin Media Half Price Hut!



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