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Spontaneous Fest

We quite spontaneously bought tickets for this show about 20 minutes before it started. In no way was the massive queue outside the venue a guiding factor in this decision. We aren’t that superficial. Huh. No not us. Noway…

We even kept the mystery alive with no idea of who was performing. And that had nothing to do with us missing the quite obvious line up boards. Oh no, we just wanted the surprise. Yeah, that was it.

Actually, reading the board would have been a huge mistake because I only recognised one name in the set. I would have walked away thinking ‘best of the fest my a**’ I would have missed out on catching new talent that will be household names some day. I’d have lost the right to say that really obnoxious thing ‘I saw them before they were famous’. But aha, our superficial nature didn’t fail us.

Six word review

So, in order of my favourite I’m going to write 6 words on each comedian, not physically on them with like sharpie, but in this blog as to avoid a very long and boring read. Aren’t I thoughtful. Or deluded thinking people actually read this:

Iain Stirling: compare, Scottish, poster-boy, likable, silly, hilarious
Rhys Nicholson: ginger, Australian, quick-witted, diva, clever, laugh-out-loud (shush that’s one word)
Joel Dommet: camp, posh, recognisable, relatable, friendly, funny
Beardy man: unexpected, mime, comedic, beat-box, skilled, impressive
Ronny Chieng: Asian, matter-of-fact, young, moody, internal, tryer
Luisa Omielan: female, feisty, confident, annoying, half-naked, loud
One guy in audience: American, hammered, stupid, idiot, rude, alone (no surprise)

Go wild and buy a midnight ticket. You might just discover something profound. No that’s a lie. You’ll just have a reet laugh with what is the best of the fest. And kill six birds with one stone. Not literally unless you have an underlying problem. It just saves trekking to six different venues and spending sixtuplet (?) as much… Damn I should have quit three sentences ago – sorry.

23 & 27-30 August, Assembly Hall (Venue 45), 00:00
Queue at least 45 minutes in advance for the best seats you hardcore fringies.


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