REVIEW: Two Hearts – The Comeback Tour

Two Hearts Comeback Tour

Have you ever been to a bangin’ pop concert under a leaky bridge? What, that doesn’t sound appealing? Well, how wrong you are! Two Hearts have returned with their kickin’ comeback tour, which has all the comedy, tuneage and sex appeal you’d expect from the pop-tastic duo.

New Zealanders, Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore sure know how to get the party pumping. On entry, music is bouncing off the arched chamber and the audience already know they’re in for a late night treat. Get the rounds in lads.

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Back by popular demand

In a series of clever comedy songs, Laura and Joseph rip into different subject matters from climate change to nostalgia and sexual harassment. Yeah, it’s an unexpected mix and do be warned, the content is just as shocking. The PMS song literally had me holding my sides in pain. Not due to cramps, but laughter.

Lauren has a dead serious, intense, somewhat angry expression that kills. She fully gets into this over the top drama queen role and is clearly living for it. Her vocals are super commercial and her costuming is the best kind of diva disaster. Joseph, admittedly the space bar guy, is also the pace guy as he keeps this show moving at fast pace. His raps aren’t to be sniffed at either.

This pop concert is pure party complete with original music, stereotypical attractive backing dancers, wind and smoke machines as well as a BUBBLE BAG. They’ve taken it one step up guys. I hope Taylor Swift is taking notes.

Two Hearts: The Comeback Tour is an absolute riot. If you’re looking for late night laughs, find the leaky bridge.


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