Get Your Own Back: Live! | Edinburgh Fringe Festival

90’s kids

Calling all 90s kids. Calling all 90s kids. Are you at the Fringe? No, not your hairstyle idiot. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s the biggest arts festival in the world you know. Well, this year there’s a show made just for you. That’s right. A show so nostalgic you’ll revert back to prepubescence, where toys still came in your cereal box and children’s TV was at its best.
This is back when it was normal to put your underwear on your head and shout ‘Wonkey Donkey’. When you were allowed to cry because Tommy took your favourite Pokemon card, Squirtle. And when gunge meant something completely different… Oh yes, it’s Get Your Own Back: Live!

We’d love to

Most of the kid population in the 90s, at one point, wanted to:
  1. Gunge their parent, uncle or teacher but didn’t get the chance. *cue aww*
  2. Jump on huge inflatables, chucking food into an adult filled giant baby costume *cue laughter*
  3. And to at least be part of the audience – well now’s your chance. *cue screams*.


Yes it’s a scaled down version. There’s no mechanical chair. Or huge inflatable assault course. And the contestants are unknown fringe performers. It’s only a theatre – what do you expect! But there is a gunge tank. There are silly challenges with audience participation. And it is presented by Dave Benson Phillips, that’s right, Dave Benson Phillips himself!
Buy your tickets, have an alcoholic drink and get messy with this more adult version of the 90s classic. In the show I watched, a tampon became an unforgettable moment…
9-31 August, Gilded Balloon (venue 14), 16:30
Expect most of the audience to be within the same age bracket – it’s surreal.

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