Fourth Monkey’s Grimm Tales: Rapunzel | Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Once upon a time

There was a young girl who was visiting her first ever Edinburgh Fringe. She had her beau by her side and passion in her heart with excitement bubbling under the surface. She simply burst at the seems when gliding down The Royal Mile, letting the sights, smells and street acts envelop her. The sun was shining on her blonde locks, her fingertips entwined delicately with that of her Prince Charming’s and the atmosphere was all she wanted it to be and more.

But unknowingly to the loving couple, an evil sight led them astray. They locked eyes with a dark dramatic poster, one that enticed them with familiar words and impressed them with shocking descriptions. It haunted the couple for days, stalked them, and dug deep into their minds. Enough so that they followed the instructions to Fourth Monkey’s Grimm Tales: Rapunzel.

False Hopes

A queue fed them with false hopes and the room tricked them with images of a professional production. They endured an hour of amateur performance. They felt hurt, even through moments of clever physical theatre, or hints of witches with some potential, the deception was too strong to overcome.

The girl with blonde hair and Prince Charming with brown locks left the room with a deeper understanding of what it really is to experience the Fringe; the inevitability of selecting the ugly shows. As they ran up the cobbled hill to the Royal Mile of fonder Fringe memories, their naivety shred. They retained their positive outlook and had grown ever so slightly.

Do not be fooled. Do not be tricked. This show you choose will be poor I predict.

9-29 August, theSpace on Niddry St (venue 9) 16.30
Thankfully I got these tickets at the Virgin Media Half Price Hut


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