Rob Beckett: Mouth of the South | Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Great Mate

Rob Beckett is the ideal mate for your boyfriend.

We all have one or a few friends of our partner’s that we dislike, right? The ones that lead them astray. Tell them they need ‘three more shots’ whilst they’re throwing up. That they ‘should do it coz it’s funny’ when in fact it is bluddy dangerous or say ‘no, your partner won’t ever find out’ in the hope that they do. I loathe these kind of immature, selfish and down right idiotic friends.

Well, Rob. Rob Rob Rob is not one of those guys, He’s that mate who has you in stitches in the pub. never insults anyone seriously or goes over the line but maybe gets close for comedy’s sake.

He is liked by all the mums and grannies who say he ‘turned into a right gentlemen, didn’t he Vera?’ Goes to the local for a few with your fella to talk about the old days. ‘Remember when Mickey headed that ball and it hit the referee smack bang in the face, knocking out his front left tooth’. ‘He became the school hero that day the lucky buggar’. And crucially he looks after his friends. Knowing when it’s time to go, ‘come on mate, you’ve had enough, let’s get you back home’.


He states he has just got married because he appreciates his girlfriends importance. Moans about shopping because he’s a typical bloke. reveals embarrassing stories about his wife’s posher family because he get’s uncomfortable and he books terrible discount Thomas Cook holidays because he is an idiot like the rest of us.
I think his shows are sold out but if you can thieve some tickets you won’t be disappointed with a very relaxed, relatable and funny hour.
9-30 August, AceDome at Pleasance Dome (venue 23) 20.00
As Rob rightly opens with, the venue looks like some kind of crap Center Parcs!

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