All Made Up: This Time It’s Social | Edinburgh Fringe Festival

All Made Up

So as expected, it was all made up. And this time it was indeed social. #hashtag

Unexpectedly, it was an all female cast. And more surprisingly, they were funny. Did you know that? That women could be funny.
Of course there was the mandatory male compèring or rather orchestrating the show, equal rights and all that, but the improv sections were led by people with wombs. #winnerwinnerchickendinner

Facebook liked

I Facebook liked their energy, confidence and comradery. It is a real talent to be able to think on the spot, adapt to any situation and work in a high pressured environment, come to think of it, they’re going to add killer lines to their CVs.
The compère or ‘conductor’ as I have now dubbed him had great project management skills. He kept on task, hit tight deadlines and managed his team effectively. A Facebook thumbs up from me. Now I come to think to it, he reminded me a little of Russel Brand with his exuberance or maybe that was just his black nail polish? To be honest, I have just described him as a project manager slash conductor come Russel Brand impressionist so what do I know! #fail
  • Searching for answers? Then meet the three headed search engine ‘Google’ who will reveal all.
  • Fed up with your attention seeking, pathetic or ‘my life is just so perfect’ Facebook friends? Then share their status’s to be mocked without revealing your hatred towards them.
  • Ready to take on more responsibility? Then make your vote count with three outrageous kick-starter campaigns.
I think three ingredients are needed for a top notch improv show – to be funny(duh), to allow audience input and to make relevant. They hit all three. Like. Retweet. Pin.
I feel like I’ve neglected quite a large amount of social platforms… Other brands are available: Instagram, Flickr, Google+, Soundcloud. Linkedin. Youtube, MSN, Myspace, Bebo to name only a few!
9-30 August. Just the Tonic at The Mash House (venue 288) 13.40
If you fancy lunch before it then head to Noodle’N’Ice, an amazing noodle bar around the corner!

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