Close Up Magician Magiko | Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The event

The room was understated. The set was minimalist. The crowd apprehensive. Here enters Magiko.

His wide eyes, big hair and towering height bounces into the room with unsuspecting energy. His enthusiasm is immediately present as is the passion that is pouring from his introduction. He’s a likable guy. He’s got this childish innocence matched with confidence. I felt at ease and ready to enjoy the next hour knowing I’m not wasting it with an amateur. All of this within 3 minutes. I know, I can read people. Fast.


He spoke a lot about chance, luck, fate and everything in between. appealed to our intellect and made us ask ourselves questions that we have probably never answered. And fed us with a healthy portion of inspiring and intriguing quotes, which would make a great twitter biography. You know, instead of ‘YOLO’.

My fella loves figuring out how stuff is done, shame he can’t figure out how the washing machine works but he did seem to solve most of the tricks and claims he saw the change of cards in another. However, one trick did completely blow us away. Close up magic at its best. Literally we didn’t blink. Or move. We tried so hard to focus. But still the card in his hand changed in front of our eyes. He even did it in slo-mo! Damn.

Siegfried Tieber, his real name which I think is actually much better than the show title, is very compelling, no doubt skilled and completely likable. Don’t go expecting Derren Brown or Dynamo and you’ll enjoy a very capable close up magician.

9-31 August, Spotlites (Venue 278), 22:40.
You can often find his show on Virgin Media Half Price Hut.


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