10 things I loved (and hated) about my visit to Florida

10 things I loved and hated about  my visit to Florida

I’ve just returned from the most wonderful visit to Florida on a two week road trip. I can thankfully say it’s a state that surprised me.

But to be completely honest, we only chose Florida because we found super cheap flights… We didn’t really know what else we could do other than Disney. But after a lot of research we pulled together a very exciting itinerary. However, as with most places, you can’t enjoy it all.

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So here’s 5 things I loved

1. Wonderful wildlife

There are so many amazing and enormous animals in Florida! We saw alligators, birds of prey, lizards, snakes, dolphins, sharks, tarpons, turtles and manatees to name but a few. And we saw them all in the wild. No zoo’s in sight. Someone we met literally only visited for the wildlife.

2. Wildlife conservation

I was blown away by Florida’s commitment to protecting and preserving wildlife. We saw dozens of notices that encouraged you to be mindful of animals, to clean up beaches and even marked off protected zones. Nearly every restaurant and bar also committed to paper straws. It’s inspirational and reassuring to know they care and are actively helping the environment.

3. Sunshine state

We visited at the end of April and it was beaming. For us Brits, 30 degrees celcius is melting temperature. Especially for my pasty skin. We had one downfall for two hours. That was it. I found waking up in the sun and enjoying long, hot days improved my well being and energy levels tenfold.

4. Beautiful beaches

This is probably the second thing Florida is most known for after Disney. The state is surrounded by the most impressive beaches. We lost count of how many we strolled across, shade bathed on or paddled in. This year, Clear Water was named America’s best beach so yeah, Florida knows how to do beaches.

5. Attractions overload

The F in Florida really does stand for Fun. Even outside of Orlando we found there were hundreds, probably thousands, of attractions to visit. There was always something there ready to entertain us.

And the 5 things I hated…

6. Hanger was real

I have been pescatarian for five months and this was the first big trip I’ve done since then. Annoyingly, I found it almost impossible to find any good veggie food. Seriously. Fried onions and peppers for every meal does not count. Some days I was genuinely upset from hanger. Sort it out Florida.

7. Love bugs-pocalypse

This was my biggest hate by far. I hate creepy crawlies. Especially ones that fly in your freakin’ face. The final week of our trip was Love Bug season. Flies come out in their millions and remain coupled up, even in flight, to annoy the hell out of everyone around. Some days were worse than others and I kind of got used to them by the end, but still. EURGH.

8. It was Flat AF

My oh my, this state is as flat as a pancake. The same views stretched for miles and miles. The roads were as straight as a die. Driving 1100 miles with no change of landscape or actual driving involved as it was an automatic vehicle, became frustratingly repetitive. Snooze fest.

9. Where’s the culture at?

Florida might have had tonnes of attractions but they were mostly entertainment focused. I’m an arts and culture geek so I do appreciate a Museum or gallery on a trip, but there weren’t many around. Some of the ones we did see looked terrible. But I guess they can’t have it all.

10. Horrible humidity

So I loved the sun and I coped with the heat but I was the biggest wimp when it came to humidity. Some days it felt like I couldn’t breathe it was so thick. I sweated in places I didn’t think possible. And we didn’t even get it as bad as apparently it could have been!

Even though my visit to Florida had its faults, I still had an unforgettable adventure. I’d recommend anyone to visit and see more than just Disney World. I’ll blog about my two week itinerary soon, which I hope will inspire others to explore this place.

Have you ever been on a visit to Florida? Let me know in the comments below.


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