Thrilling Airboat Rides on the Everglades in Florida


boggy creek airboat rides everglades

Florida is made up of countless lakes, swamps and rivers. In fact 18.5% of the state is made up of water. That’s a pretty impressive number. So no wonder millions of visitors opt to take airboat rides in the everglades.

Kissimmee is just south of Orlando and became our base for the last leg of our Florida road trip. As a rest day from Disney, we took the scenic drive down to Boggy Creek, heading further and further into what seemed like no mans land, until we finally found this gorgeous camp only 30 minutes away.

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boggy creek airboat rides everglades

Who are Boggy Creek ?

Boggy Creek have a wonderfully humble story as they actually began as a group of friends and family simply enjoying their weekends. They would head to Lake Tohopekaliga and ride their personal airboat, kindly offering rides to other campers. They soon saw the interest everyone had and decided to make a proper go of it. In 1994 they bought their first six passenger airboat. Now they own a fleet of 12 and have taken millions of visitors across the wetlands.

They’ve even expanded their site and added a mini Native American Village, fossil mine experience and gator pond. The above image is from one of their many photo opps around site, so perfect for others who are snap happy. We even munched on some chips in their restaurant. They’re certainly more than just an airboat tour. They’re an attraction.

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boggy creek airboat rides everglades

What was the airboat ride like?

The first ever airboat registered in America was actually in Florida in the 1920s. It really is a staple of the states identity. It’s a mighty craft powered by gigantic fans that propel it to skate across the water.

And it was a totally rip roaring ride. The fans were spinning, the water spitting, the sound thumping and the speed thrilling. Thankfully they provided ear defenders, which helped to dampen the noise. I couldn’t stop smiling as we powered across the lake enjoying spectacular views.

What I didn’t expect was the incredible knowledge from our captain. He not only navigated the boat but also located the wild life and shared lots of interesting facts along the way. It was an unexpected added bonus!

TOP TIPS: Wear sun cream, sun glasses and a hat (hold it down against the wind). Bring a comb for your inevitable knotty hair too.

boggy creek airboat rides everglades

But it’s not the everglades?

The airboat rides aren’t exactly on the everglades. But it is the headwaters, so it forms part of the glades! Lake Toho (as it’s also known and much easier to pronounce) is the largest lake in Osceola County spanning 42 miles. We saw alligators, bugs and birds in their natural habitat and swamps that went until the eye could see.

airboat rides everglades

Why choose Boggy Creek?

Sure there are dozens of other attractions in Orlando who offer this experience but what they do not have is the rich history. I would always choose a business with passion over more commercial offers. If you’re heading to Florida you have to experience an airboat ride and Boggy Creek Adventures has everything you need for a memorable experience.

Key information

  • Prices start from $28.95
  • They offer 30minute, 1 hour, private, sunset and night tours
  • Reserve your place in advance for tours longer than 30mins
  • Best chance to see alligators is pre 10am or much later in they day
  • There’s a small restaurant, shop and play area on site

Would you ever give one a ride? Are you an adrenaline seeker?

Boggy Creek Adventures offer a variety of airboat rides 365 days a year. Find out more here.



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      It was such a good rush! I’m sure you’ll head back to Florida so you can give it a go! 🙂 xx

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