Five pet hates when flying with other passengers

This is a super selfish and indulgent post. I travel by plane around 3-4 times a year so I’d like to think I have this travelling malarkey down. So I do get easily frustrated when I see others absolutely failing at flying. Here are five reasons I get annoyed with other passengers.

1. Not having their liquids ready

This is my NUMBER ONE PET HATE. We all know by now you can only have 100ml of liquids. We all know you need to pull out your electricals. So why is it every time the queue is held up by people who seem to have no recollection of this rule. The staff literally shout at you the whole way around as a reminder. Travellers stand at the belt rifling through their belongings, arguing about what they can and can’t take through. I just have no patience. We have everything prepped and like to swan through like pros.

2. Queuing for boarding

I just don’t get this. I see a differing opinions but I firmly sit on the, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU side of camp. There’s no rush. The plane won’t leave without you. We all set off and arrive at the same time. It’s not a race. I take the time I don’t spend queuing to listen to music, catch up on social or read.

3. Putting their seat back

For me this is a no no. I personally think it’s really unfair to the person behind you who has to settle for less room. My poor boyfriend’s knees are usually crushed when others are happily chilling. It also messes with the view of the screen in your seat. Be considerate. Maybe if people asked if we’d be happy for them to recline their seat, I wouldn’t get as annoyed.

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4. Lack of hygiene

Aeroplanes are germ infested nightmares. Maybe I have OCD but I feel dirty sitting on an aircraft. So the least people could do is practice good hygiene. I think the worst example of this has to be on my flight back from California. On the row beside me there was a man who coughed and spluttered the WHOLE WAY. And he didn’t once put his hand over his mouth. Absolutely gross. I was raging.

5. Loud and obnoxious

This is probably a general rule for all transport but usually you have to put up with it for longer on a flight. I hate rowdy stag groups, giggling hen parties, over chatty friends, crying babies and the person who listens to their music so loud the music bleeds from their headphones. OK the crying baby you can’t help, but the others. SHUSH.

I’m flying off on a long haul soon and I am already dreading these annoyances. Do you have any pet hates when flying? Let me know below.

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