West Side Story The Musical (tour) | Manchester

A classic

So, as a gift (because I’m lovely like that) I took my twin sister to her favourite musical, West Side Story at the Palace Theatre in Manchester. A twist on the tale as old as time classic, Romeo & Juliet.

A boy meets girl story. But boy can’t have girl. So lots of anger and murder happen through the medium of mainly dance.

Whereas Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet involves lots of words. Lots. Many I don’t know. Put in weird ways. It can be draining to watch. (Unless you’ve seen the modernised film adaptation starring the irresistible Leonardo DiCaprio – very watchable!)

But, lets get back to West Side Story shall we!

New York in the 1950s experienced what people have come to call *dum dum dummm* The Great Migration. Millions of Puerto Ricans moved to the states looking for a better life, much to the Americans dismay. West Side Story explored this rivalry of races, focusing on two families, the Jets & Sharks.

The (dance) ‘battle’ scenes use of dramatic music and lighting mixed with contemporary ballet made for tantalising viewing.

‘I like to be in America’ *clap clap clap* was among one of the most well anticipated songs adding a bit of sex & spice to the show whilst very clearing stating the women’s hope of ‘a better life’.

I wasn’t a big fan of ‘The Jet’ song originally but the stage version really brought it to life with bundles of boyish charm and foolish testosterone.

The dancing and staging most definitely out shone the average acting skills but overall it was a great show in great company.


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