The Perfect Murder | Manchester

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Does your partners out of tune humming piss you off? Or their inhumanly loud chewing? Maybe the constant snoring is unbearable? Well forget couples counselling, what you need is to commit the perfect murder!

Conspiring is the best bit and yes, Google is a great tool for that but why not do it whilst socialising. After all, mixing business with pleasure is all the rage right now. Grab a group of your friends and book tickets for the stage adaptation of Peter James’s, The Perfect Murder.

Go on, treat yourself to an alcoholic beverage, a slap up meal somewhere your partner would never suggest taking you and hell, get some interval ice cream at the theatre.

Remember to take a pen and paper with you to jot down notes from the lead married couple who are working out ways to bump each other off. Don’t be too distracted by the creatively layered set, or Don Kirk’s excellent portrayal of a dim witted wannabe cockney, or even the dashing looks and deep voice of Steven Miller as Roy Grace as you primarily have a job to do!

Oh, but do look out for the bin bag and duct tape scene. It’s absolutely hilarious but NOT how it should be done. Please be more prepared on your attempt and invest in better materials.

So, will you be brutal? Or take the slow and steady death? Maybe you’ll be inspired to create a death like no other! Which ever road you go down, this play makes for an entertaining starting point.
49% of couples felt the ‘The Perfect Murder’ was the answer to their marital problems – there spouses were not available for comment. 

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