Five reasons to visit the Indoor Funfair in Liverpool

An indoor funfair you say? Yes, exactly that.

No bad weather risk, no overcrowding and still the same wild and wacky vibe. A must for you thrill seekers out there.

I’ve not been back to Liverpool in a very long time. It will always hold a special place in my heart after three years of University. There’s always something cool going on in the city including this indoor funfair at The Exhibition Centre perched on the waterfront.

I was buzzing to go along to their evening session (6-9pm). It’s a 45 minute drive from Manchester with plenty of parking and only £10 entry for unlimited rides. Erm, bargain much! Here’s five reasons you should make a trip.

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liverpool indoor funfair
liverpool indoor funfair

1. There’s all the staple rides

There’s 18 attractions, admittedly more child rides, so we rode the bigger ones multiple times. I bounced on the Mexican Wave, got whiplash on the waltzers, rattled down the helter skelter, wandered the funhouse and giggled on the ghost train.

liverpool indoor funfair

2. Face the inflatable

Now this had mass appeal. The Energiser is a 200ft long course that you race down, tackling all sorts of silly obstacles along the way. We took it at a fairly slow pace and still finished exhausted. But wow, was it fun to bounce along.

liverpool indoor funfair
liverpool indoor funfair

3. Lose money on arcade games

As with all funfairs, it’s mandatory to use countless pennies on arcade games with the hope of winning a cheap prize. Just like the game show, tipping point, trying to push those coins over is addictive. We nabbed a Haribo Mix so we’re clearly pros.

liverpool indoor funfair
liverpool indoor funfair

4. Tuck into sweet treats

If you don’t eat thousands of calories and double your daily sugar intake, did you even visit a funfair? Greasy fast food, delicious donuts and cotton candy are all on offer for reasonable prices.

liverpool indoor funfair
liverpool indoor funfair

5. No queues

I thought it was going to be uncomfortably rammed but it was the opposite. We had tonnes of space and no queues to contend with, which meant even more chances to make the most of our unlimited rides.

This indoor funfair is a hilarious night out (or in) suitable for families and adults alike. Forget your grown up troubles and indulge in a few hours of childish joy.

Tell me what you think of fairgrounds below!

Liverpool Indoor Funfair runs at the Exhibition centre from 15-22 April 2019. Find out more here


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