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The Vote

It was a true to life comedy, tackling current issues in real time with a mix of outstanding leading, as well as up and coming actors that made politics accessible, enjoyable and understandable. If you missed it you missed out. I give More4 a standing ovation for the brave move of broadcasting live theatre that accompanied the live event itself – let’s see more of this and live theatre on television in general.

My Manifesto

Opportunity lies in innovation
A review to push the boundaries of the arts in Britain and to embed it into the core of everything we do.
To stream live theatre on television with no extra cost to your TV License.

Thus dissolving the following:

  1. The need for travel costs.
  2. The inevitable argument with your partner during your ‘romantic’ pre-show meal because they took a wrong turn making you late, they forgot to take the bins out or they simple breathed.
  3. The expenses on baby sitters. Helping you stand on your own two feet instead of relying on parents who are guilt tripped into looking after their grandchild – again.

And providing the below:

  1. Students offered more free and/or cheap stuff that they won’t appreciate until they have to shell out £45 for back row stall seats.
  2. Huge savings on sustenance. Eat that large tub of ice-cream sitting in your freezer instead of forking out a small fortune for a tiny pot at the theatre. Stick on your favourite minion onesie and keep that £80 dress on the hanger in Next. Use the full bottle of Vodka in your cupboard instead of taking a small one in your bag to sneak into a plastic cup of coke.
  3. Use your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, i-whateverelse as often as required without those inconsiderate people shushing you.
Vote for the manifesto that promises the above and delivers the opposite.

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