Romesh Ranganathan: Irrational Tour | Victoria Theatre Halifax

We love Romesh

He is dead pan, sarcastic and seems completely genuine. We didn’t like it so much when he cancelled his Edinburgh Fringe Festival Tour two years ago… Probably to go off filming that very successful BBC stuff.
But we’ve not so kissed but definitely made up after finally seeing him Live in Halifax.
Romesh is now a well known house hold name, as he admits his break came due to ticking the BBC workplace diversity box and filling their minimal quota. You’ll have seen him on panel shows like ‘Mock the Week’ but more recently on his very own TV show ‘Asian Provocateur
Now I won’t talk heavily about Victoria Theatre in Halifax. It’s not my favourite of venues but it was the closest Romesh would get to us so hey ho, wooden seats and flaking walls it was.

The Gig

He introduced himself on the mic before entering, probably sounding the most enthusiastic I’ve ever heard him, and swaggered on stage. He has got a bit of a swagger actually. I hope it’s not medical or I’d feel really bad for writing that.
He talks a lot about everyday situations, and obviously heavily features his family and particularly his mum. It felt like he was just chatting to his mates, as we already knew so much about his personal life thanks to his BBC shows. This just made it even funnier and meant he could make ‘in jokes’ as if we spoke everyday.

Mr Ranganathan

You’ll probably know Romesh was a Maths teacher in a previous life.In Crawley. His family hit the jackpot choosing that over, you know, Canada like his cousins…
I think I’d have loved him as a teacher. He’s so relatable, down to earth and probably had the best come backs and killer put downs to mouthy students. Another favourite comedian of mine (other than my ultimate legend, the retired Lee Evans) is Greg Davies who is ironically another ex-teacher. It seems the best comedians come from that field. Maybe teachers are just driven crazy… like ‘stamp on their hand’ insane.

Funny Man

Back to this gig. I was disappointed that Uncle Rags didn’t feature in the stand up. And ultimately, I think I find him funnier on his TV shows. Don’t take that as an insult. If anything it’s a compliment because it makes him a genuinely funny man. This is because he is responding to his real life experiences and situations. We see him thinking on his feet, and reacting instead of planning, which I think is his strength. Maybe that’s what drove him from teaching too…
Basically, I really enjoyed his stand up and love him as a personality. I just want to be his real life friend.
He is pretty much sold out for the rest of his tour, but if you can grab tickets then snap them up quickly. Head to his website here But mate, your leading image is well old, it looks like your twenty something son or something!
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