REVIEW: Thrones! The Parody Musical

thrones parody musical

Hands up if you’re a Game of Thrones fan? Well this musical is the absolutely spot on parody of your favourite TV show. Not the book. That’s quite clear.

We meet a group of friends who decide to throw an impromptu divorce party on the day of the Game of Thrones season finale. The best way to get over a break up is through murder, incest and sex right? Well, maybe that last one is true.

But this isn’t any ordinary piss up in a… living room. They realise their recently divorced friend has never seen the show. GASP. So they decide to cosplay the beginners guide overview to get her up to speed. Where’s my invite?

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And they go for the jugular

In their homemade costumes, in the shape of welcome mat tops and shower curtain dresses, they take the royal piss out of basically everything. It’s genius. Jon Snow’s accent, Daenerys long name, Tyrian’s pronunciation, the infamous red wedding and sibling sexual relations to name only a few.

And they totally rip into all of season eights flaws. You know, the ones that every fan moaned about for weeks. My oh my, we were not happy. I won’t spoil those but you may or may not see what’s going on. *wink wink*. There’s just so many easter eggs to spot!

The audience was roaring

Roaring as loud as Drogon. It’s the first time, this Fringe, I’ve laughed so hard. The whole cast know exactly how to pitch this comedy. Their impressions are dead on, hammed up when needed and subtle where it’s funnier. A simple twitch of the face is enough to crack up the crowd.

And not only that, the songs are enjoyable too. As in, I would buy the album. Hodors much deserved solo is a soulful serenade and the opening theme tune sets the scene perfectly. Tyrion’s rap has a fun Hamilton nod too.

Especially made for us GoT fans. Thrones! The Parody Musical is a fast paced, jam packed and side splitting account of the TV show we love to hate to love.


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