REVIEW: Piramania! The Swashbuckling Pirate Musical


Ahoy maties. Piramania! The Swashbuckling Pirate Musical has come to town and alas, it’s a nay from me.

John Silverman lives with his overly loving sister, Polly and has a destiny to fulfil. After finding out he’s adopted, he rebels to join a hearty crew of Pirates who just happen to need a new member. The voyage on the Maidens Ruin takes a turn for the worst when the Cook turns up dead. There’s a killer on board and a map with a kiss to follow. But who’s the villain and is this supposed treasure worth sailing the treacherous seas for?

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A jaunty crew

On entry, the large cast of 10 interact with the audience and there’s a real buzz in the room. They surely look the part in their ragged dresses, sailor shirts and knee high boots. The stage is also a stereotypical seaman’s dream, with faux waves and wooden barrels that scream Pirate musical.

The narrator (Adam Elliott) is a smokers jacket donning, Anchorman style character who gets a lot of laughs serving dry sarcasm. Polly (Mollie Cranmer) has a cracking voice and totally owns her power ballad about loving her brother. Yes it’s that kind of show. But the rest of the crew come across a little unprofessional and it sinks into too much corpsing at times.

But it’s just too crass

The humour was vulgar. It wasn’t witty – just a bit abrupt and rude with unnecessary cussing. Maybe it is not my cup of rum. There is talent on stage with a big score, and the fact that they are actor/musicians is impressive, but farce comedy still needs intelligence to be funny.

Even with impressive set and colourful costuming, Piramania is written in too poor taste to entertain this buccaneer.



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