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The book of mormon review

HELLO! My name is Elder Gina, and I would like to share with you the most amazing show… Winner of practically every stage award imaginable and receiving rave responses left, right and centre, I couldn’t wait to catch this totally un-PC musical on the road.

Has it got the shock factor?

Hell to the yes! Created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the geniuses behind South Park, it’s just as crude, outrageous and satirical as the cartoon you may fondly remember. They also had help from Robert Lopez, the co-creator of another adults only production, Avenue Q. That should tell you all you need to know about this Musical.

Enjoy an outrageous musical? Don’t mind being offended? Check out my review of Avenue Q here.

The mission

Elder Price is the best Mormon in town. He’s been training all his life to carry on God’s work. However, just like in Noah’s arc, he has to go two by two and his partner is certainly the worst Mormon on earth, Elder Cunningham.

Not only that, their missionary placement is in Africa. A place obviously well know for its Mormonism right… WRONG. The latter day saints face a monumental challenge as the remote Ugandan village have lost faith thanks to a cruel life of AIDS, warlords and famine.

Full on foolery

I didn’t expect the Book of Mormon tour to showcase as much quality as its West End counterpart but it’s just as impressive. The set is big, the performances are full on and the songs will get stuck in your head. I loved the broadway-ness of it all. Jazz hands, top hats and tap numbers to boot.

Then there’s the comedy. It’s just as much witty and clever as it is crude and brash. Your jaw will drop, you might think you’ve misheard jokes and you may find your hand over your mouth in surprise but that’s all part of the experience.

A class above the rest

Kevin Clay (Elder Price) is the perfect golden boy and Conner Pierson (Elder Cunningham) steals every scene with his foolish yet endearing behaviour. Together they are a funny force to be reckoned with.

Nicole-lily Baisden (Nabulungi) is a breath of fresh air among the madness and a special mention has to go to Will Hawksworth (Elder McKinley and Moroni) whose facial expressions and camp quirks are second to none.

The wider cast are sublime too and no matter how good the leading actors may be, it’s the ensemble that really take this production a class above the rest.

You don’t know if you should laugh, cry, cringe, cheer or storm out in disgust. It’s an outrageous, side creasing Musical that will leave you flabbergasted.

Book tickets to The Book of Mormon on tour here. Touring around the UK until 8 August 2020.

Buy tickets to The Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London here. Prices from £24.

If you’re easily offended, give it a miss. If you’re ready to be entertained like never before, buy your tickets today.

The Book of Mormon tour played at the Palace Theatre in Manchester until 24th August 2019. It has a home in London at The Prince of Wales Theatre.

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Photo credits: Paul Coltas


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