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Hot Brown Honey is like no show you will have ever seen before. Think clubbing mixed with cabaret.

HOME is the newest addition to Manchester’s cultural scene and the perfect place for this contemporary show that shatters cliché with Sasha Fierce-ness. (That’s a Beyoncé reference…)

As soon as we walked into HOME it felt youthful and vibrant; an atmosphere I’ve never experienced at more traditional theatres. With bars, restaurants, cinemas and exhibitions HOME is clearly more than just a place to see new theatre, it’s a cool place to hang out!

This feeling continued as we walked in to the auditorium. The music was pumping and the performers were socialising. I’m not used to such a thrilling entrance as people mingled in anticipation of the next hour or so.

The Show

Six sassy women are at the heart Hot Brown Honey who basically kick ass on stage. They aren’t afraid to tackle sexism, race and colonialism in an entertaining and challenging way. Dance, beatboxing, spoken word and aerial performance, to name only a few, make up this curious circus.

A reverse strip tease ends with savage hair-ography and buries the idea of male fantasy. A jaw dropping and frantic aerial performance embodies abuse. Spoken word is turned into mini manifestos and a women chained to the Australian flag breaks free to embrace her heritage. It’s burlesque with a bite.

They are hyper aware of their mocking and push the limit further with ridiculous moments like  getting audience members to motor-boat gigantic breasts and join an over the top orgy. They not only highlight but hijack stereotype and take ownership of their own bodies and stories. The whole show sticks a massive middle finger up to society.

Hot Brown Honey

The DJ sits at the top of the hive; an imposing and blinding structure that stands strong centre stage. It serves as a clever representation of the ‘hive mind’ where lots of people share the same opinion. The others take over the floor space and use the Hive as a rallying beacon. Not that it is the audience that needs converting.

After this physically and mentally exhausting showcase, the luscious ladies leave the audience on their feet shaking their booties to some sweet tunes. It creates such a party atmosphere. A celebration. The exact type of excitement and energy that could begin a revolution.

Hot Brown Honey is an outrageous cabaret that shows heaps of intelligence. I left feeling empowered and Ready to rock the boat! it’s not for the faint-hearted that’s for sure.

Catch it at Home until Saturday 23rd December.


Image Credits: Dylan Evans


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