Geo-Fleur Terrarium Workshop – a botanical experience

terrarium workshop

I made a Terrarium in the cutest workshop! It’s a sealed glass full of soil and plants that need little maintenance, so suits me right down to the ground.

Now, to be completely honest, I am not known for my green fingers. I hate bugs and even jump at the nice ones like butterflies, I just can’t help it. I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to nature. But this little botanical oasis is sealed and protected from insects making it the best house plant I could ever have! So I was totally up for getting my hands dirty in this terrarium workshop.

 Geo-fleur - workshop space

Where was the workshop?

We booked the workshop taking place at Form Lifestyle Store in the Northern Quarter. After getting a little lost, as I am terrible with directions, I finally found it. The store was neatly tucked into a row of buildings on a graffiti filled back street.

The inside was gorgeous with exposed bricks walls, a spiralling staircase and vibrant potted plants. The owners have a great ethos, as they carefully curate the small selection of products from independent designers and makers. It’s beautiful inside and out.

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 Geo-fleur 6

How did we make a terrarium?

The workshop with Sophie from Geo-fleur was in a small and intimate space on the first floor. We started by dropping a layer of gravel into the bottle by tipping a jug and skillfully placing our hands to catch the overflow.

Next we poured the soil into the jug. Now this soil was the most luscious thing I have ever felt. It was silky and soft and I could have played with it for hours. Pouring this was tricky as it tended to come out in chunks but gentle tapping did the trick.

Geo-fleur - terrarium workshop
Geo-fleur - terrarium workshop

Now the bit we had all been waiting for, picking the plants. Sophie helpfully took us through the type and benefit of each. We had creative control over which made the cut and a table full of choice.

You had to pull the plant apart whilst keeping the essential roots. The hardest part was placing them in the jar. Using two types of tools you had to dig a hole, drag it in and then plant it. This took patience. Finally, we gave it a spritz using the most perfect mist can I have ever seen.

 Geo-fleur 8
 Geo-fleur 11

I was so proud of my final terrarium!

It’s practically un-killable they say. Nourish it with sunlight and after six months feed it with some water and it will be good to go for another half a year. I have never owned a plant, due to my earlier disclosure, but surely I can keep this bottle of botanics alive?

After only a week however, the pink flower has turned completely green. This is a bit upsetting as I chose that plant specifically to give my jar some colour. If anyone does know why this has happened, please put me out of my misery!

 Geo-fleur - my final terrarium

Either way, the terrarium is sitting proudly on my bedroom windowsill and wakes me up with a smile each morning. And when it does eventually die, I can reuse the awesome jar for another project!

The terrarium workshop was a surprisingly calming experience, and a great way to spend an hour with a friend. I’d definitely recommend Geo-fleur. Her experience, knowledge and caring personality shines through.

Geo-fleur delivers different types of workshops across the UK for around £25. There are lots of dates available and you could buy one as a unique, super last-minute Christmas present!

Have you ever made a terrarium at a workshop before?


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