Lee Evans: Road Runner Tour | Manchester

The announcement

I thought I’d missed my chance after hearing people gossip that it was his last. I was gutted. My friend went, I was jealous, she rubbed it in, I got more jealous. You know the score.

But then, it was announced; Lee Evans was starting a new, BIGGER and (to my friends annoyance) funnier tour! The excitement I felt was ridiculous. I woke up at 7am, opened up my laptop, sat staring at the screen until BAM, ticket sales were open. It was a race to the death. Ok, exaggeration, race to the best seats.

I was put in a queue, I’ve never been put in a queue to purchase online tickets before?! It became serious, this really was an Olympic race. I won bronze; assigned fairly good seats. But still, I bounced off the walls, literally.

It’s finally here

I waited. I waited for over a year. And finally, there I was, sat in the M.E.N. Arena, sat in a trance, sat waiting for my comedy legend.

He began with an animated film, the evolution of Evans. The anticipation was killing me.

He exploded onto the stage with pace and bounce, whilst lowering his head indicating his adorable humble nature at the thousands worth of cheers and applause. He began with a regularly used line, sort of a catchphrase if you like, ‘I’m fu*king shi*tting myself!’. Immediate laughter. That would describe the evening, he spoke – we laughed.

I’ve seen live comedy before, where stand ups are fighting for that gratitude, that laughter. Lee Evans owned that stage. He was an experienced conductor of the audience; fine tuning giggles whilst combining some crying laughter; thousands of puppets at his every whim. I was practically crawling with pain, gasping for air… bad signs of health but amazing signs of comedy! Dangerous mix…

Not as personal

He maybe isn’t as personal as his last tour. That is honestly the only slight, minor, tiny criticism I can conjure up. I loved that his last tour was based on many private moments, especially all of his ‘women/wife’ jokes which I completely related to. You gained that insight into his life. It was nice. Nice of him to be so open. Ultimately  hilarious.

This tour, Road Runner, is more general, yet still observational comedy which applies to all. Of course, I’d have liked more women p*ss takes but he made up for it with other areas he focused on, like cars! Something else I relate to. See, that’s the great thing about Lee Evans, how truthful his comedy is. I love sitting their nodding my head in agreement, gasping, ‘that’s my mum’ or ‘Rob, you do that!’. Lovely.


I couldn’t quite comprehend how a slight mime, or facial expression would have us in hysterics. But I guess that’s part of his magic, his talent. He reminds me of Norman Wisdom. He’s a true character performer, who puts his all into creating a scene. He goes to extreme lengths to pleasure an audience, you witness how hard this great man works. The sweat is the first obvious clue. The second is the non stop laughter. That doesn’t just happen. He has carefully crafted his jokes, puns, punch lines, physicality and accents into the Road Runner Tour. Perfected every last second. He designs the stage, music and lighting. He’s a one man band, orchestra even! That’s dedication to his art form.

I wish I could sit here and explain every joke, but it would be much easier for you to buy the DVD and experience it yourself. You need more persuasion? Too vague? OK. If you’re a Lee Evans fan, you’ll know what I mean when I say he performs one of his hit French Classics. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. I was honoured to see it live, performed by the man himself. My head switching from Live Lee to Big Screen Lee; my indecisive nature glowing.

This review might seem bias, it probably is. But I find it hard to critique a man who is a natural comedy genius,  who has worked bluddy hard to get where he is today. Standing ovation to the King of Comedy.

Reet, Ima itching for some Evans. DVD and cuppa tea, I’m on my way! I suggest you do the same…


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