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Musical Form

Yes, you read the title correctly, Sister Act has been transferred into stage musical form. I hear you, why wasn’t this done earlier. But lets not question things, lets just bask in the glory of such an iconic movie adaptation.

So, we all know the story of Sister Act. An outspoken showgirl called Deloris Van Cartier played originally by the legendary Whoopi Goldberg, gets into some unpredicted trouble – which explains her need for a sharp disappearance. And what’s more low key and simple than a convent; a complete contrast to Deloris’s previous luxurious, public life. Throw a girl with an attitude and some funk, into a quiet, polite convent and you’re in for some trouble. And don’t worry, that is exactly what you get!

Thankfully this musical, which was co-produced by Whoopi herself, pretty much follows the original storyline. There aren’t any big changes to the script, other than the fact that they burst into song every other sentence!

Show Stopper

And I can honestly say that this musical was a show stopper, and made me want to dance in the isle, which I obviously didn’t do, as that would’ve be very embarrassing… so I stood up and danced in the back row instead, like a decent eccentric person should.

The music is upbeat and catchy, smothered with a soulful sound. Note: All original music, which I was at first gutted about, but the sin will be forgiven as the new songs become just as catchy!
‘I will follow himmm… But I will unfortunately not follow the film soundtrack…’

And obviously, one highlight of the show were the nuns. The first time you see them, they walk on in single file, head down, disheartened, singing… how do I put this nicely… BADLY! Simple staging input with a hilarious output. However, the moment Deloris captures their true vocal talent, and adds in a bit of her funk, you see an e’nun’ormous transformation. (Sorry, I had to) You’ll never see nuns shaking their booty in dazzling diamanté gowns ever again. It is absolutely hilarious. It really is. Harmonious church nuns moulded into hair raising gospel groupies!

So, this huge production had some sideline comedy acts which made staggered appearances throughout. They came in the form of the three henchmen, hired to kill Deloris. I don’t want to say much about them, as this extra comedy came as a nice surprise to me. But there is one scene where the larger of the men entices the audience in a very… adult way… You’ll never see or hear an audience cringe in laughter so much. Enjoy 😉


One thing I would say, is that the opening is poor. It felt like a very slow start, with a forgettable song, uninspiring lighting and staging. A dialogue filled scene follows. I felt let down, my high expectations demolished immediately. But it is definitely worth fighting through this first 5-10 minutes as the entertainment soon kicks in. Just a note.

Good Note

I want to end on a good note. A fantastic note. A magnificent note. (You get the jist) Cynthia Erivo plays Deloris, and she is one extremely talented performer – a triple threat; impressive character acting – incredible vocals – groovy dancing. Her recreation of the role, Deloris, made me double take… sorry, I mean it made me stare intently down my binoculars, just to check it wasn’t Whoopi!!

Picture the bit in the film when Whoopi is stood in front of the choir, starting low, the nuns begin singing, she suddenly starts shaking her booty, then her head, then swaying side to side, becoming steadily more erratic, then throwing her hands up to mock praising the lord – this is EXACTLY how Cynthia plays it. Comedy gold.

Rising Star people, rising star!

Overall, a feel good musical which WILL get you dancing in your seats or at least tapping your feet.
If you like the movie – you’ll love the musical.

Grab your nearest sister and watch this dazzling act!
(note: use of any other person, male or female, acceptable)

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