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Oh my gawd

Drum roll please. Bright flashing lights please. Loud poptastic music please. Oh my gawd you guys it’s… LEGALLY BLONDE!

This, if I do say so myself, was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever seen. But that is NOT a criticism. I lo, lo, loved it. It took me away to a place full of joy, laughter and the colour pink!

It had bags of humour, as I was laughing every other sentence. The delivery man was a highlight, with his super tight shorts, masculine over exaggerated strut, AND his own theme tune. Every single audience member was clutching at their sides gasping for air with laughter.

Not forgetting the whole scene based on ‘Is he gay or European?’ This reminded me of the scene in the musical ‘The Producers’ when Roger DeBris is contemplating his Hitler role singing ‘Keep it Gay’… If you don’t ‘get’ this reference, watch the scene and you’ll soon be nodding your heads in agreement. I could mention so many other hilarious moments but I don’t want to reveal everything.

The songs are upbeat and catchy. The lyrics are meaningful and at times sarcastically aggressive. Example? ‘as you pull her hair and call her a whore…’  Yes, that is a lyric. Genius!

Although this is a fun musical, it has it’s ‘serious’ moments, though very few. (Not to confuse with the song ‘serious’ which is ironically very far from it)


As a lady myself, Legally Blonde felt so empowering to watch, as we joined Elle on her transformation from a stereotypical blonde american girl, into an intelligent (yet fashionable) young women. I loved watching Elle start to believe in herself. To watch her strength grow into proving to not only her ex Warner but to every other Harvard Law student, that her blonde hair and happy nature didn’t mean she was dumb, made me go all goose-pimply! (don’t think that’s an actual word, but hey, I like the sound of it)


Faye Brookes played Elle with moving innocence and such a caring nature, whilst maintaining some inner strength. Beautiful!

The actresses playing Elle’s best friends, Sinead Long (Serena) Sophie Isaacs (Marget) & Micha Richardson played the whole ‘Greek cheer-leading chorus’ with bags of energy and humour. I felt they were screaming out loud how a woman’s friendship circle is based on an infrastructure of unbreakable support, the outer shelling of ultimate love and the inner interior of warmth and care; making me want to punch my fist in the air proud to be a woman. You go girls!

The cast of men were as you can expect, good looking and more good looking. Pretty good acting and singing…  (insert note: may have been distracted and only focused on the whole – they were good looking thing…)

Iwan Lewis played the character Emmet, was the true prince charming of this story, which Elle dusted off a little to reveal a handsome chap! Supportive, loving and cheeky. We all need an Emmet in our lives girls.

Oh, I’ve not mentioned Bruiser yet. Once again, as you can expect, adorable. As soon as his little paws tapped onto the stage, the audiences hearts melted into a pot of ‘awws’ and even louder ‘awwws’!

So, if you’re looking for a musical that is full of glitz and glamour, with a sprinkle of magic then this is for you. Grab a cheeky glass of wine with the girls, don your brightest pinks and blondest wigs for an evening you’ll be singing about for weeks.

I’m off to try and join ‘Delta Nu’ guys. Better start practising my Bend and Snap!

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