How is Coronavirus going to affect my love for travel?

I’m not a medical expert. These are just my personal ramblings on the subject.

Covid-19 has been hard. Our lives have drastically changed in only a few short weeks. It’s difficult to put into words or even process the thoughts and feelings a lot of us are having.

The fear of the virus, the anxiety of catching something so dangerous, the worry over the safety of your friends and family. The heartache over the thousands of untimely deaths. The panic of how long this will last. The mourning over your old life. It’s emotionally exhausting.

We’re all trying to get used to our new normal.

Living digitally has become our saving grace and I’m really taking advantage of online life. Especially because I can’t leave my flat for 3 months. But I think this new normal might be around for longer than we think.

Lots of people have been talking about when we can travel again. Obviously in our current situation, it isn’t a priority. But we’re allowed to speculate.

Coronavirus has changed everything. Why not read about my experience of going outdoors for the first time after 3 months in lockdown.

I don’t imagine travel abroad will be allowed until summer 2021.

I think it’s irresponsible for us to jump straight on a flight once the ban is lifted. Why?

Because the virus isn’t going anywhere. This thing is here to stay and until we get better treatment options or a vaccination, it’s going to keep spreading. That infamous curve? I think it’s going to be a turbulent wave for a while.

I don’t want to knowingly spread the deadly disease from country to country, putting myself and everyone else at risk. I don’t want to get ill outside of the UK and feel stranded in another country’s healthcare system.

So how is Coronavirus going to affect my lust for travel?

Honestly, my passion for travel has already eroded over the past couple of months. I’ve not wanted to read blogs or see pictures. I’m hoping that yearning will return once my health anxiety calms down. But even when it does, I’ll be spending more time in my home country.

Staycations are my safecation.

I’m in the vulnerable category so until I can get a jab, I don’t want to be jetting off anywhere too far from home.

I don’t know how the travel industry is going to bounce back from this, especially in the short term but it’s understandable a lot of people will have nerves and concerns. The idea of just stepping outside my front door feels like an achievement at the moment.

On the bright side…

Fewer planes in the air is a great thing. They are a huge part of global warming, an issue that’s taken a backstep against this pandemic. There’s lots of amazing stories about how mother nature is flourishing because human nature has halted. I’m also saving money not going abroad!

Simply, I want to be able to go for a walk outdoors and to physically see my family. I just want to hug them. This pandemic has reinforced what really matters to me.

So yeah. I’m very aware that my old life is gone for a longer period than I hoped. But it has opened up new thinking about what travel might look like for me in the future.

I have destination blogs to publish once it’s a less sensitive time and I will keep writing about my adventures, whatever they turn out to be.

Travel isn’t going to stop for me. But it’s for sure going to change.

How are you feeling about everything?


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