Staying in a Shepherd’s Hut – Glamping in Yorkshire

staying in a shephers hut - glamping in Yorkshire

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we decided to enjoy a little staycation. We had two requirements; it had to be nearby and in a unique setting. That’s when we found ourselves glamping in Yorkshire and staying in a Shepherd’s Hut with Strawberry Safari.

What is a Shepherd’s Hut?

It’s a small wagon where historically Shepherds lived when sheep raising. These mini homes where once essential in Britains farming industry. They’ve mostly been re-fashioned as glamping pods perfect for a weekend getaway.

shepherds hut glamping

Why Strawberry Safari?

Nestled under a small forest on private land, Strawberry Safari Huts offered us the most high-end glamping experience we could ask for. This was key for me. I wanted the hotel experience in a remote wooden hut. It’s pretty evident that one of the owners has experience running luxury hotels and resorts! Our host, Andy, was friendly and welcoming. He responded to all our questions quickly. In the summer months, you could even book a fitness class with him.

inside the sheperds hut

What was the Shepherd’s Hut like?

From the outside, the green wooden panels complimented the surrounding landscape and the fairy lights added that magic touch. Inside, the kitchen had a microwave, fridge, hob, sink and even breakfast bar. The bed was lush with well enough room for two. And the most important bit for me, a fully functioning, steaming hot shower room with toilet.

At night it was silent and given its remote location, thousands of stars lit up the sky. On our visit, it royally chucked it down but the hut stayed perfectly dry and the electric heater kept us nice and toasty. Here’s some top tips:

  • You need a car. It’s tucked away in Wormald Green near Harrogate.
  • Find shops about a 15 minute drive away. We bought microwave meals, hot chocolate and snacks.
  • All bedding and towels are provided. That made life so much easier.
  • There were some bugs in the hut, a spider, moth and wasp, which my partner removed. Kind of expected in nature right!
  • Bring wellies or walking boots (AD) You have to walk across grass to get to the hut, which can be wet, muddy and slippy.
  • Layers are always your friend. Even with a heater, I wouldn’t recommend bringing slinky pyjamas.
  • Bring a board game. We spent a couple hours playing scrabble.

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walking in malham cove, Yorkshire

Where can you explore nearby?

It was important we went glamping in Yorkshire as we lived 6 years of our lives in that beautiful part of the country. Gentle countryside walks and brunch in small towns is exactly how we like to spend our time.

We explored Brimham Rocks (18 minutes drive), Fountains Abbey (15 minutes drive) and Malham Cove (1 hour and 5 minutes drive). Here’s the low down on great walks in Yorkshire!

Staying in a Shepherd’s Hut really was the perfect weekend getaway. Strawberry Safari made it a luxury experience and Yorkshire gave us all the natural beauty we wanted. And for only around £100 a night, I think it was a proper bargain.

Would you like to book a weekend getaway in a Shepherd’s Hut? Have you been glamping in Yorkshire? Let me know in the comments below.



    • Gina
      November 28, 2019 / 2:29 PM

      It was so cute and cosy! You’re right, it’s the perfect base for exploring!

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