Pretty much failed my 2018 goals. I’m wingin’ 2019!

You might remember (you won’t) I wrote six goals for 2018 last January and I thought I’d quickly see how I did. Spoiler alert. Not good.

First up, a blog redesign.

I was lucky enough to win a free Pipdig template, which upped my blog game one million percent. I’ve continuously played with the layout over the last year and I have definitely settled on my fave look. It’s clean and simple to please a neat freak like me. We’re off to a great start. Goal number one, smashed!

Next up, the numbers game.

Last year I admittedly became obsessed with my following. I wanted higher stats as I assumed that meant I was a better blogger, which I realise is complete bull. At this moment, I don’t care about stats at all. But just for fun, did I reach the goals I initially set?

  • 2000 on Twitter. Nope. I’ve been stuck at 1.5k for pretty much the whole year. Why won’t you be my friend?
  • 500 on Instagram, somehow yes. I’m at 650.. I’m shocked too but I do think I have improved my photography skills in front and behind the camera.
  • I met my YouTube goal of 200. Very pleased as I really don’t promote my vlogs as much as I could. Or interact with anyone else on that platform… I am a bad youtuber. SUBSCRIBE BTW.

My third goal was to start a photo album.

I did not do that at all. I’m sad I didn’t make this happen as I would love a physical album, but life just gets in the way you know.

I didn’t read 24 books in a year.

I’m usually a huge reader but my life seems to have stopped that from being the case. I’ve struggled to sit down and relax without thinking of something more important to do. I need to prioritise this in 2019.

Volunteering at a dogs home was also a failure.

I guess for the same reasons as above. I love dogs but I have no spare time. I really don’t.

Finally, I wanted to write more chatty posts.

I definitely started to relax my writing style. But I didn’t post casual, ad hoc blogs, which I will try to do this year. I need to chill out and stop panicking if something fits into my ‘brand’. Of course it bluddy does. I AM my brand.

So I pretty much failed my 2018 goals.

I didn’t exactly commit and I don’t really like the pressure that comes with them either. So I am NOT setting any for 2019. Why should I box myself? Things change. Who knows what I want to do or get done in six months?

Overall, I just want to stay healthy, happy and adventurous. I don’t want to stress over social. I am going to post what I want, when I want. That goes across all platforms. My blog started as a hobby seven years ago and I need to remind myself of that. So here’s to ‘wingin it’ in 2019!

Have you set any goals or resolutions? Let me know below.


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